My P3/733 box had been running PIO for the main 20GB western-digital drive for all these years – just flashed the BIOS, now UDMA5.

I happened to notice when I was checking the DMA status of the DVD-RW I put in last night. The DVD-RW my parents got me for Christmas last year, sadly enough. 🙂

Tossed in the Rage Fury Pro AGP card that I got as a hand-me-down from Chad (I don’t care about 3d perf on this box at the moment) so I can dual-head this box once I clear the debian box to the closet upstairs to free up desk space for the second monitor 🙂


Dear Braintrust,

Any recommendations for or against any particular air filters?


We have like 6 ladybugs in our office.  This morning, around 9am, one of them dropped (well, flew) into the water I was drinking and started swimming.  10 hours later, it’s still swimming.

Forget the bunny, Energizer needs to switch to the ladybug.

So I just took it out after its quick 10 hour swim and put it back on my desk.  It seems to like checking out the post-it notes for some reason.


All my usual names were taken when I signed up for Xbox Live a couple days ago – went with “YieldReturnFrag”, which I got some co-worker props for 🙂