the 1-year contract expiration date is coming up with verizon (America’s Choices Family SharePlan 400) – what’s the cheapest 2-line (2 phone) setup locally (that people are happy with, of course)?  “Unlimited nights” starting at 7pm or earlier would be ideal, but the minutes aren’t a huge issue if the price is cheap enough 🙂

We’d have to check the coverage at our house before switching, of course – it’s one of the caveats of living down in a hole like we do 🙂



If you get a chance, this is a great (hilarious) read 🙂

We admit it. We’re jealous, and we vowed to do anything we could to topple TweakUI as the most popular download

As it turns out, even though TweakUI is an incredibly cool piece of software, it has one limitation that we could capitalize on and use against it: Kryptonite. No, wait. That’s another project we’re working on. Um, just forget we ever said anything about Kryptonite, okay? Especially if some reporter from The Daily Planet starts nosing around.

Warning: Don’t ever change a value in the registry. Ever. We know we just told you to do that, but would you jump off a cliff if we told you to? Don’t ever change a value in the registry. Don’t even say the word registry. We know a guy once who said the word registry, and three days later he was hit by a bus. True story.

We’ve tried to steer clear of registry values that, if changed to an incorrect setting, could cause a fluctuation in the space-time continuum and destroy the universe as we know it.

Dear Brain Trust:

Anyone have Earthlink’s “Unlimited Voice” VOIP service?  Seems interesting, but it’s not clear from the site whether the only option is the “phone adapter” that puts single phone on the adapter and then it plugs in to whatever available rj-45 port you have available or whether there’s the “take the house phone wiring off bellsouth and then switch it to this” like (AFAIK) time-warner has.  Anyone know?

If you have it, what’s the experience been like?


The “Diversionary Tactics” is cute in this episode – I watched it mainly because I like listening to Don Box talk about Indigo, but it kept running past that section and I got to see their parody of queer eye – for a 5 minute parody, I find it pretty amusing – I wonder if miguel will end up seeing it – he’d have some legitimate beefs against it, but it’s a parody after all 🙂


Over the last, say, 2 months I’m getting tons of “spam was rejected” emails from various systems, because apparently spammers are using as their domain name, but a variable username – today’s favorite:


You recently sent a message to a recipient at Clifford Chance with the subject
Discounts on Presc^ription Medication at
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 07:52:30 +0000
Our anti-Spam system has rejected this message.

If the rate keeps increasing, I’ll be getting DDoS’d by well-intentioned mail servers rejecting spam :-/ Really reminds me of iptables configs where you quickly figure out that you’re better off just silently dropping bad input on the floor rather than sending rejection packets.

At some point, I wonder whether there’s a libel/slander (I forget which is written vs. spoken) civil suit vector against the spammers as they ruin the good name of my domain 🙂