Blast from the Past

It’s amazing how an email from someone in your high school class that you haven’t talked to since graduation day can rip you back to that set of memories.

Claudia (Newman) Scott did that for me today. I’ll have to thank her for it 🙂

On the down side, I’m not sure what it says that I could fit my “life situation” into 3 paragraphs.




got more shares out of them, and then accepted… fun fun fun

9am tomorrow 🙂


ogg vorbis files do sound pretty good, but I found two artifacts in the same song… ick

i’m still so confused about what to do tomorrow… accept? wait a little while longer?


how many shares (more specifically, what percentage of the outstanding shares of the company) should a senior s/w developer get that’s somewhere between the 15th and 20th employees? Enquiring minds want to know.

Actually, a nice formula would really rock, but I’ll take a few datapoints for now 🙂