Yo, , check out the linkage I just got IM’d from




Oh, and the goal that I posted for myself did get done, although the end results was me coming to the realization that it can’t do what I really want/need it to do, but I can correlate data from enough sources inside and outside of the dbms itself to still get the same required end result.

That sentence brought to you by the school of run-on sentences. I know: Plenty of you know that I run-on all the time anyway, but when I can blame others, it’s good practice to do so, right? I’d hate to be in a situation when I couldn’t knee-jerk react by blaming an impending sleet storm on Nelson Mandela’s cheesy Spice Girls joke on poor Charlie.

This not make any sense to you? Good, me neither.


In the hopes that, like for so many others, writing stuff in your journal makes it more likely that you’ll actually get it done. I will state my one goal for today:

– Make dbms_profiler my bitch.

Thank you, move along.