Thanks to not getting to bed til past midnight and the subsequent sleep-in til 7am, I couldn’t get my run in this morning and I’m definitely feeling the pain since it’s such a great appetite suppressant in the mornings. Course, when I did intervals after work yesterday (since the morning attempt didn’t work out thanks to GI problems – I know, TMI, and not even interesting info at that, just boring.) it had a similar effect for me around dinner time, which was wonderful since my cheating times have been while I’ve been home.

So, maybe running after work instead of before is the right thing for me. True, I won’t get the “metabolism kick-off” that one (supposedly) gets by running in the morning, and it won’t be as easy to stick to the habit, but

We have a potluck lunch here at work. I scanned down the l ist of what everyone’s brining, and it’s like about 45 dishes full of carbs and 2 (Sean bringing turkey breast, me bringing cheese) without. I think I’m getting hosed here. I picked up 3 bags of cheese, and I’m thinking of holding one back in the fridge as a backup just in case the rest of the turkey/cheese goes too fast and my only options left would be rice, beans, potatoes, corn, etc.

Post-lunch now – meat went fast, the cheese not so much, so lots of cheese leftovers here at the office over the coming weeks 🙂



anyone got that cure for sleep going yet? That’d sure be useful about now. Heck, I’d take any tricks to get away with 5 or 6 hours a night. Bonus points for anything under that.


got gas this morning and the automatic kick-back happened at 19.84 – kinda freaked me out (i happened to be mentally dwelling on some conspiracy-theory stuff at the time). added another squeeze to get it up to 20.01 then drive off.


oh, and since we’re on the subject of querying the LJ Braintrust – our chest freezer is on its last legs (been like 4+ years) and since I never really liked this particular one anyway, we’re checking around for chest freezers 🙂 Any particular recommendations? 🙂


it’s official

crushed ice from the fridge with Torani poured over it is nothing in comparison to shaved blocks of frozen Torani.

Now to find a shaved ice maker that’s 1) cheap 2) electric 3) easy enough to clean so that I can rinse it off in 5 to 10 seconds after making a bowl.

The previous incarnation of this was Rhonda’s Pampered Chef manual ice shaver. Excellent results, but kinda of a pain overall – not just the making of it, but cleaning up too.

LJ Braintrust ™ – lend me your neurons! 🙂

[Edited] – already got a blender that can handle ice just fine and is easy to clean up, so ice cubes of the Torani might work out – i’ll have to try that soon


I’m watching The Princess Bride (a good autumn Saturday movie). Might just keep this thing permanently on this tivo 🙂

“You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you”
“You seem a decent fellow, I hate to die”


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:06:14 -0800
From: Vegas Vacation
Subject: *****SPAM***** Free Las Vegas Vacation for 2 - - Airfare Included

funny since all tech mgmt is @ comdex now…
[Edited]: funny only if you know Comdex is in Vegas 🙂


saw a scene in a movie and it dawned on me just how insanely long it’s been since I’ve just played catch. one baseball, two gloves, two people. kinda weird how it can be the little things you miss.

I think the last time would be when I was throwing around with Vincent Brown just before I sent him off to NCSSM. Since then he went through NCSSM, Texas A & M, and is like in his 3rd or 4th year at the NSA :-/

I gotta get that basketball goal put up soon – gonna go insane pretty soon


when we took the trash/recycling out to the curb (a bit of a hike since the incline of the driveway’s a tad steep 🙂 we met our pseudo next-door neighbor (pseudo since the houses on either side of us are still for sale, he’s 2 up the street) Bob. Him and his 17-month-old doberman (they have like 5 or 6 pets). Very cute dog – incredibly well behaved 🙂

Turns out Bob and his family just moved up from Boca Raton, Florida. Bob does mobile dog grooming. I had to admit ignorance, but it turns out Bob has this van with an entire grooming setup inside – a holding tank for lots of clean water, a DC converter to run all the tools/clippers/etc., everything. He had 250 clients in Boca and he’s still trying to get customers locally (a lot of which were like me and had never heard of such a thing! 🙂 but it sounds neat.

The weather was definitely very different for him – he was wearing a fleece-lined jacket, fleece-lined gloves (one hand on the retractable leash, the other holding a nice Heineken 🙂 and was talking about how his legs were freezing (normal jeans). Jess was telling him about L. L. Bean having some nice fleece-lined jeans that and gotten for . Looks like I can have a catalog sent to him with a few clicks off their web site – I should do that 🙂

Very nice guy. He really loves how different everything is here (hills, trees) compared to the mass of country clubs and gated communities that was most of Boca. The downside is that back in Boca he could spend an entire day at 11 appointments at just one or two of these country clubs and that was the extent of his travel needs. Things are more spread out here, so he drives a lot more, but he seems to like it 🙂