I’m very sore from the practice we had after work Tuesday, which is a bad sign since tomorrow evening is all of us moving to the new office.

Shorter commute and free drinks, however, will be very much worth it 🙂


I don't meme much, ya know

Go into your LJ archives.

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May 30, 2000

LinuxToday: Switching subjects, I understand you like to watch Scooby Doo

(interesting, only one day off from meep’s)


Flay over Sakai? I’d hate to call out racism, but come *on* – it wasn’t even close IMO – at least the viewers realized it was Sakai by a landslide.

What a joke.


XP SP2 is pretty nice – I need to smack it around some more to check for problems, but it’s working pretty well so far.

It was slick enough to tell me that I had an AV package installed but that the signature was out of date. Turns out I had broken the config on it a few days back. Slick.


Saw a car on 40 with “DMBPHAN” as the license plate and above the sticker was another “I poke badgers with spoons”. Kinda funny, I’d have to imagine she’s probably a friend-of-a-friend at some level. That’d make long drives more interesting – cross-referencing license plates and figuring out degrees of separation and shortest-social-paths in real time. Fun stuff, although I can hear the cringes from many 🙂


if I were less lazy, I’d take and post a picture from the lawn mower blade package with the big warning to be careful because it’s very sharp and could cause serious injury.

Then I’d post next to it the picture of my bandaged and krazy-glued (dermabond, whatever) thumb from the laceration said blade induced.

Too bad I’m so lazy – it would have been really funny I think.

At least I cut myself on a blade all of 30 seconds out of its packaging rather than the old rusty one I had to take off before him.

So, like, I mowed the backyard (insofar as you can call it that) and there was a bit of a Titanic situation – iceberg-sized rock, barely sticking out of the mud that is our backyard. The mower sunk enough, the blade smacked it, then said blade couldn’t even spin any more (jammed up against the mower’s housing from bending so far out of shape.

Saturday wasn’t my best day.

The worst-luck part of it? I had been nice enough (or whatever) to have given blood that morning (I was a couple weeks overdue from the 8-week-point), and combined with the dehydration of trying to mow the 80-degree-hill mudslide that is our backyard had lots both a lot of water and a non-trivial amount of blood already before getting lacerated. I was woozy for a bit, but in retrospect I think it was much more mental shock than physical, but it’s hard to say for sure.

That’s a lot of trouble to go to just to get out of finishing the lawn mowing, let me tell ya.


anyone know of a good/great place to get “big-leaf periwinkle” (aka Vinca Major) for cheap? Looks like we’ll be getting around 1200 of them based on 18″ spacing – that’s a lot of plants 🙂