feel the love

BudEBrewer (4:07:28 PM): Does Roel hate me?
flavorjames (4:07:36 PM): no more than the rest of us, i’m sure



oh, i forgot to post this earlier.

We were following a minivan down six forks while we were headed to our closing with the license plate of APACHE’R and a LNX black-on-white sticker. My first guess was Ken Coar, but I haven’t bothered to post to ask.


this upcoming paint-fest weekend should be interesting. Hopefully nothing too major will mess up, at least nothing we can’t easily fix 🙂

Ya’ll have a good weekend

One day I’ll have time again to actually read my friends page :-/


with the house closed this morning, i need to make sure we can get the fans and painter’s tape going tonight so painting (which starts tomorrow) should go smoothly. Thankfully is taking care of the vast majority (read: all) of the details, so I just gotta show up and work tonight 🙂


at least the connect here @ the beach is 48000 kbps – maybe I’ll try to upload pix later on? Dunno, we’ll see 🙂

time to head back out for another swim. It’s crazy nice here 🙂

things to do today

– finish up all the mortgage docs
– finish up all the new health care stuff
– house walk-through
– prep for impending beach trippage

I’d rather make a “real post”, but this will have to suffice for now 🙂