stupid mistake of the day: looping through the instances of one substring in another with lastIndexOf and forgetting to -1 at some point so I didn’t keep matching on the same (last) one 🙂

I eventually got that fixed, though, and sent in a patch



bleah – more weather that gets me wanting to move to Florida or northern California. At least tomorrow’s supposed to be better… at least relatively


today’s “phase of the day” from a work email – “investigating the subtle yet delicious differences in database method/objects”

I should post once in awhile, I guess – maybe one day a significant amount. Dare to dream!


as much as it can be annoying that we have to park our cars at the top of the driveway when weather like this happens, it *does* make for a very excellent sledding experience, especially all icy like this. Poor Jess couldn’t stop in time on one of her first runs and ended up under a tree in the backyard 🙂 heh. Lots of fun 🙂


so I had a dentist visit today, and it was relatively “fun” because the guy’s very much a geek – Chemistry/Math major from Brown that did chemistry R&D for a long time, toxicology for awhile, agriculture chemistry (something about bacteria levels in corn, I couldn’t quite follow) for awhile, and is now a dentist (well, “now” meaning for the last 11 years). He’s got lots of geeky things around his office, a fiber-optic camera with a tv so you end up seeing everything. – He’s got “normal” X-rays now but is getting a digital X-ray machine soon to play around with – tracks everything with various bits of software (Windows-based, but it’s third-party and sector-specific so I didn’t give him a hard time about it).

He’s got a Dr. Hibbert thing going on – laughs a lot (and a lot like Hibbert’s laugh, too). Very entertaining and personable.

Best of all, he (unlike my last dentist) has the ultrasonic cleaning stuff, so the cleaning part went very fast – ultrasonic pass to turn the tartar to (his description) “mashed potatoes” then rinsing and touch-up was about it.

His office is like 2 miles down the road on Weston Parkway, so not a big hassle to get there and back during lunch-time.

Ok, so it’s a slow news week if I’m posting about a dentist appt, but there ya go 🙂

mmmm Crazy Fire day at work

which reminds me – the manager of the Crazy Fire (well, she’s really going to be the manager of the new one) informed me of a couple different things:

– the new one *didn’t* open yesterday as the Cary manager had told me on Friday it would (although he admittedly didn’t seem 100% sure about that), although she said it *should* open at 5pm today if things go well 🙂
– the prices at the new one would be the same as the Cary one (as far as she knows)

Hopefully Jess and I can swing by soon – maybe even tonight 🙂