So, the VS 2005 beta has shipped (check it out) and while that’s great for MSDN subscribers, I think the fascinating thing are the Express product betas, which are free and fetchable by anyone with a valid email address. While my love for C# will tend to recommend that people go play with the C# Express beta, make sure to check out SQL Server 2005 Express‘s beta as well. It’s downright scary being that it’s free (not just the beta, the release as well) and is easily enough for a lot of apps – check out Rajesh’s overview for a bit of detail and/or the top 10 list they posted.

On the flip side, Eclipse 3.0 has shipped, of course, so make sure to check out their new and noteworthy section.

I need to see if someone’s kicked the tires on the C# plugin for Eclipse 3.0 – hopefully it works nicely.

Competition is always a great thing. I was reading about an hour ago about how Bugs Bunny evolved because the 4 or 5 directors each made additions to his character, and the others would incorporate the best ones and then add their own – the cycle made for an incredibly lovable and identifiable character – the consumer had a better product 🙂


Bricka bracka firecracka sis boom bah, Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny rah rah rah

3 weeks since update? Ouch.

beta time, although our server (Hatteras) isn’t in there.

Lots of doc work this week – fun stuff, it’s getting interesting syncing up our view of reality with customers and partners. Sometimes there’s a slight impedance mis-match, but by and large we’re all striving for the same kinds of goals.

Softball has been mostly losses, but we did get one win. I think we’re 1-10 or something like that now.

Heading down to spend the weekend with Chad in Charlotte and help him do some flowerbed mulching (fun stuff, I know!)

Flying saucer for Saturn, June, Jupiter, Venus, the Dog Star and Mars, now leaving on track 5, all aboaaAARD


the short version:

pitched the last 2 games – had leads of 2 and 3 runs respectively, walked 5 and 4 straight guys, respectively, we lost both games by one run. Apparently I’m a great pitcher til the last inning, so I think I’m gonna pull myself back to 2nd or 1st or right after 4 innings 🙂

Recently started to attempt to get into Ultimate (I guess it’s capitalized, dunno) which is, depending on point of view, soccer with a disc (frisbee is copyrighted) or something like that. Anyway, it’s a lot of running and it’s pretty fun, although I’m still learning some of the throws. It’s on the list of “harder than it looks”, but it’s a good workout regardless.

Helped Gary with his deck last weekend, celebrated my parents’ 35th anniversary with them last weekend.

Work’s going pretty well. Hatteras is a pretty fun project to work on, although I (and the team as a whole) are still looking forward to lots of good feedback over the coming months to help make our 1.0 release solid.

And, yeah, well, I should post more often.