that’s flattering – one of the tests available for the OSDL’s STP (scalable test platform) is my old tiobench – they’re asking for some changes, and it’s a nice 2-way street – i finally get the “fleet” of test machines (CPU’s ranging from 1 to 8, memory ranging from 256MB to 8GB or something like that) to play around with and they’ll get a better tiobench out of it 🙂

I’m actually glad this happened, mainly because when I developed tiobench (esp. the mmap stuff, since that’s how I was processing our 128GB hardware traces, and hence the need for tiobench at all), madvise wasn’t in the mainline kernel and the impl. from the scability project wasn’t quite there yet, so it’ll be good to get back to that and finally have a chance to play with madvise.

This is one of those days that I really hate not taking that job in Portland to be a Linux kernel hacker for the IBM LTC (Linux Technology Center). I shoulda listened to 😛

I forgot to mention – over the course of trying to pitch the OSDL (unsuccessfully) to fund the next-generate hardware trace tool, I ended up with some emails with Paul McKenney, which was nice since he was the main tech interviewer of me for the Portland job. That was a fun interview, but it turns out he got moved over to their storage area (which is a good sign for storage, a large chunk of the SCO-contested things like RCU are his doing) and he misses LTC work 🙂

I should probably look around again… if I could get an IBM LTC position in RTP, that’d be worth considering.



i never got around to it on my RHL box – today I “apt-get install smokeping” just to see if it works, and of course it does (even on woody!)

Man it’s nice 🙂 10x better than that thing I had manually hacked up a few years ago.

In other news, because of breaking some stuff trying to do a mixed system (I think I’ll stick with for now), I had to reinstall my libc6 ( was missing, and that upset apache a good bit 🙂 and found the love that is “apt-get install –reinstall” – oh so very nice!

Got pulled over to do a shell script on a Linux box for a biostats guy (for : Donovan of all people! it was weird 🙂

Tonight’s the annual trip to the Youngsville haunted hay ride that Jess and I do with thumper and his wife Gemma – as Jess mentioned already, she’ll be losing her voice tonight with all the screaming 🙂



and, a QotD, courtesy of imdb

Voila: the ZF-1. It’s light. Handle’s adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties. Breaks down into 4 parts, undetectable by x-ray; ideal for quick, discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Three thousand round clip with bursts of 3 to 300. With the Replay button (another Zorg invention) it’s even easier. One shot, and Replay sends every following shot to the same location. And to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies but goldies. Rocket launcher. Arrow launcher, with explodin’ and poisonous gas heads. Very practical. Our famous net launcher. The ALWAYS efficient flame-thrower. My favorite. And for the Grand Finale, the all new “Ice Cube System!”


so, I took a half-day and we did the fair yesterday. I’m still kinda tired, so this won’t be very verbose (like any of my entries are these days)

– only negative: no fireworks, supposedly because of windy conditions. Safety Schmafety, dagnabbit, gimme some explosions!

– rides were pretty fun – Jess actually rode the Top Spin with me and Gary – I was mighty impressed, she did great 🙂 I can’t remember the names of the others, but it was good 🙂

– saw the Wild West show – semi-entertaining
– saw the 9pm bike stunt show – they shouldn’t have bothered, it was far too cold and windy, lots of screw-ups, as expected

– giant turkey leg
– roasted corn
– chocolate-covered strawberries
– frozen (chocolate-covered) banana
– slice of pepperoni pizza
– chicken shish-ka-bob
– fried bologna sandwich
– baked sweet potato
– boiled peanuts
– caramel-covered (with peanuts) apple
– 3 (2 granny smith, 1 red delicious) apples
– 2 shakes from the NC State Food Science group, 1 cookies and cream, 1 mint chocolate chip
– deep-fried twinkie
– 44oz root beer
– 6 bottles of water
– elephant ear with fudge and cream and powered sugar
– caramel corn
– fudge
– hot chocolate

Overall, lots of fun, but exhausting 🙂 Glad we did the park-and-ride thing from SAS soccer park.


so, I hit in my existing crazy browser instance, and all the temps were in celsius – fired up a new browser, they were back to fahrenheit – i wonder what was in the request to get a celsius response, both were lookups on the same zip (27613). heh


back from the weekend at Chad’s. Sounds like Jess et al. had a good time at the various weekend functions here, which is good.

Not really anything eventful at Chad’s, lots of Madden 2004, Jak and Daxter II on the PSX2, watching football/baseball games, shooting some basketball on Saturday, going with them to Gold’s for lifting and running on Sat.

We grilled out Friday night, did Smokey Bones Sat. night and had “ghetto mexican” (Monterrey’s) last night.

I need to get back to lifting at home, I can really feel the squats from Saturday 🙂