gmail still letting through obvious spam


This isn’t nearly the worst of it, either.  Can I voluntarily have my mail (that isn’t from a person in my contacts list / whitelist) placed in an escrow?  I’m fine with that.  If after 2 hours, with the rest of the mail that came in, it doesn’t look like a piece of spam, send it along.

With all the spam they must get, they could probably knock the escrow window down to 5 or 10 minutes and still be just as effective.

It’s like tape-delay of a broadcast to protect us from the horrors of profanity… except I want protection from spamity.


How many calories = 1 Weight Watcher activity point?

Another question I get fairly often through email, so here’s the blog post for it.

It’s hard to find a definitive source, at least online, but the consensus appears to be 100 calories == 1 Activity Point


Yes, 100 calories = 1 AP


I read somewhere that 100 calories burned equals 1 Activity Point – I’m not sure if this is true.