cuteness that proves I'm a dork

consecutive MAC addresses! w00t!

# ifconfig|grep HWaddr
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:06:5B:19:FA:D0
eth1 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:06:5B:19:FA:D1


autofs/automount and admin shares

Admin shares are those ones that end in $ and are available “automatically” from Windows. I tried to add a /etc/auto.misc entry to auto-mount one of them, but it was attempting to mount share “c” instead of “c$”

The “trick” wasn’t to add quoting (my first guess) but instead a backslash to escape the $ (presumably they’re doing variable expansion?)

Example line:

jessica -fstype=smbfs,ro,credentials=/root/.windows-admin-creds ://jessica/c\$

wow, installing debian stopped sucking

In about 10 (maybe 15) minutes, I:
– went to google, did a “I’m feeling lucky” on “debian install cd”, and fetched the netinst for stable (sarge) of i386.
– after the download completed (nice mirrors, saturated the piddly 5 Mbps I have), firefox routed it to nero which burned it to a cd-rw (erasing the old RHL 7.2 bits that were on it before)
– popped it into the Dell Precision 330
– booted into it easily (grub’s bitmap image looked good)
– everything auto-detected just fine (very nice! this being a machine straight from Dell)
– only asked the questions I really had to be asked (timezone, keyboard, lang, partitioning)
– CD ejected, rebooted into the base OS
– told it the tasks I wanted installed (Desktop OS, File server, Web server, etc.)
– told it to use http (I did netinst after all), and it’s hammering away on now

The overall install will run longer than something running fully from local media, but I’m always a fan of installing from the intarweb since I want the installer using the latest versions off (Win2K3 may have this feature now – Vista does for sure).

The last time I went through a Debian install (pre-woody) it was admittedly onto a SCSI machine and I had to create my own boot floppy to get the right drives into the initrd. I’m very happy with the install process now.