2 people that never IM me (old PharmaNet co-worker and my sister-in-law Julie) IM’d me while I was in Vegas – funny



I may be on crack, but it seems like is off like 40 minutes – maybe it’s just this laptop acting strange again


Saved a good bit – attorney=300 (Mark’s recommendation of Richard Gamble!) and appraiser=200 (Chrisawn Appraisal, they did it when we bought)

300 saved is 300 earned or something like that 🙂

refi time

anyone got a local (we’re in north raleigh) attorney or appraiser they’d recommend?  The ones we used a couple years ago were $425 and $375 respectively, just trying to whittle that down some if possible.

[Edit]: the appraiser we used last time is cheaper and is giving us an existing-customer discount so it’s only $200 for the appraisal which I doubt will be beatable, so at this point I’m mainly trying to find a cheaper attorney – I’ve heard $400 is pretty much about the way it is for a mortgage attorney (even refi) so I’m hoping I can at least beat $425, though.


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