last post before the weekend :)

have a good one everybody!




This is one impressive thunderstorm. It better be gone by the time we head up to the mountains tonight, though 🙂

as good a time as any

refresh of prev. question from way back:

What are you people using for mass-fetch/rename/etc of pix off your digital cameras? Something that makes a nice little directory structure (one dir per day) would be fine, with the date/time (exif, i assume) in the filename. Whatever takes the least amount of time wins. Basically something I can just plug in the camera to the USB port and click “sync over to images dir” or similar. Windows app is actually preferred so Jess can use it too hopefully.



looks like everything’s in place for heading up to the mountains this weekend. It’ll be a nice opp. to catch up on books/docs I keep meaning to get around to. I need to make sure I sync cvs over to the laptop so I can code during the trip as well, because I’m crazy ADD when it comes to trying to read contiguously.

On the bright side, the digital camera is still fully charged and ready to go since I had gotten it ready for Jess’ Chicago trip. Cool.


I know there’s a method I read about somewhere where you can create multiple users in Oracle sharing the same schema (mainly for the cases where you have a set of users you want to keep sep., but they’re co-operating on a given project). I’m having the hardest time finding the article, though, or any other pointer to that method. It might have been listed as a new 9i feature, but I could have sworn it was for 8i. Of course, all the DBA’s I can find swear the user:schema mapping is still 1:1


neat quote

Ok, since I’m watching Ellen’s HBO special for like the third time, I’ll go ahead and include the quote from it that I like (mostly because of the flow of the language).

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

— Nelson Mandela