just in case someone already knows a fix…

VMware-2.0.4-1118, host RH 7.1, guest Win 2k Professional. In non-fullscreen mode, the cursor works like a champ, blinks, looks good, etc. In fullscreen, it will show up when I click it to a new location, then blink off, and it never blinks back on. switching back and forth between full-screen and not, it’s definitely only in fullscreen mode. the tools are installed, and I’ve tried all combinations of params, even though the options are (almost?) exclusively for non-fullscreen mode.



Bowling was crazy fun last night. I won the first game by about a dozen over mark, then got second place in the second game by about a dozen to mark. The third game I couldn’t do crap and barely broke 100 (101 :), finishing fourth behind Heather (ouchie!). Fourth and final game I started aiming again (transcendental bowling wasn’t working for me any more 🙂 and picked up a 149. Mark’s last 2 scores were 181 and 191, and he almost didn’t play the last game because his arm was so sore. I’ll be glad to have him gone next week so I have a chance 🙂 hehe

The weirdest part of the evening? Having one of my old friends back from IBM spot me and come over to ask if I wanted to work at the consulting company he’s working at now. Turns about 22 of the chip design group I used to hang out with (and play insane amounts of 3-coin with 🙂 all headed over to the same company, and they had been looking for me earlier this month to offer me a job. Odd 🙂


today, in summary:

– ordered new UPS
– lunch with and (Empanadas! 🙂
– finishing new time tracking procedures/tables/views
– upcoming dinner and bowling tonight


I’ve always noticed that when I yawn, the music I’m listening “seems” to speed up, making me think that my perception of time is modified. No, I don’t know what causes it, but I’m guessing I’m not alone. Or, well, hoping 🙂


nothing feels so restful as a solid 9 hour sleep post-all-nighter.

Now if I can just hire superman to do the time reversal trick while I finish my stored procedures… anyone got his number or web site? 🙂