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A purchase exceeding the amount you specified has posted to your Discover(R) Card Account.

Posting Date: April 10, 2005
Purchase Amount: $805.00


We owe on federal taxes. That means:

1) I didn’t give the IRS an interest-free loan
[edit]: strictly speaking, I still did, of course – all the withholding is still an interest-free loan, I just managed to keep it below some relatively arbitrary level. In an ideal world, I’d do my own withholding in an account *I* earned the interest on, and just paid my tax bill as a lump sum.
2) I’ll get some cash back since I paid the amount owed on my Discover card

I really don’t get how anyone, outside of those really bad at math, can be happy about getting a refund 🙂

Although, I keep meaning to turn it around – since people *are* happy about getting a refund, I should offer to garnish their wages for a year, earn the interest myself, then pay it back to them as a lump sum (ala the IRS). After all, that makes most people happy and over the course of 3e8 US citizens, the interest would add up a bit.


ISTR that the member schools get a chunk of the money when a school’s football team goes to a bowl game – is there a similar financial incentive for, say, a wolfpack fan to cheer for UNC tonight? What kind of money is on the line tonight anyway? What’s the spread between first and second?