For lack of a longer and more in-depth description on my own, I’ll just point here

The demo linked to for the source control system (the chunk I work on) is given by Doug – he’s one of my outfielders, and program manager for our group 🙂

[Edit] Korby talks about it a bit, too.



We lost 16-3 in 5 on Monday, giving me a “modem ERA” of 28.8

We only had 8 fielders, and they exploited that nicely. We should have a full 9 or 10 for today’s game, and we’ll need it, playing the league champs from last year.

On the bright side, we’re having a good time 🙂


we lost our second game on Wednesday 21-12 – I again went 1-2 with a base hit, walk, run. I got stuck playing catcher which wasn’t fun, but I caught a pop-up and got a good work-out. We had a couple guys hit inside-the-park homers, one of which was a grand slam. Our pitching is getting better, but we gave up an 11-run inning that had a streak of walks that walked in a few runs. We’re getting better, though, and our best players should be back in town next week, so there’s hope 🙂


got my mom’s tivo fixed (I think – I restored the 8-month-old backup I had of her tivo)
got my father-in-law’s tivo remote fixed (I think – I just opened it up and cleaned it, it started working fine)
I have to find out the right “sticker part number” of the king-sized Aero Bed so I can get the replacement valve off their web site.
Jessica got my camry fixed.

We got shelled last night 19-5 – base hits aren’t painful to give up unless you’ve walked the bases full 🙂 It was fun, though, but we need some pitching practice 🙂


Anyone know of a basketball goal around page road (ideally creekstone drive)? I miss driving over to 2600 Meridian during lunch to shoot around and get some time outdoors.

when it rains…

2 all-nighters already this week, gotta work tomorrow
check engine light came on
broke an aero bed that wasn’t mine to break

TGIF ya know – hopefully this trend won’t indicate my success changes at resurrecting my mom’s dead tivo on Sunday.


Saw one of my friends from IBM at Harris Teeter tonight, Jace Krull (cool name, hunh?) – he was one of my favorite chip designers – taught me both VHDL and the ultra-fun game that is 3-coin. He looked like he was in a rush so I didn’t bother him. I wonder how he’s doing.

dear lj braintrust

you know those 4-port linksys routers that you can get for pretty cheap that most people use in their homes? (befsr41, befw11s4, etc)

The beefs I have with mine are this:

– port forwarding limited to 10 ranges (I like mapping individual ports, not ranges, thanks) – I’d rather something that could map 32 or so
– DHCP server doesn’t have any ability to fix a given MAC addr’s IP (like any decent linux box’s dhcpd)

Both of these I had heard were available in later firmware upgrades, but I haven’t found that to be the case (maybe I’m on crack again, though)

Anyone either
a) know either/both of the above are definitely fixed/changed in later firmware versions (and if so, got a ver #?)
b) know of a similar kind of device that has the above features?

I’d like to recommend it for others as well, so while I can (and have) done the above with ipchains/iptables and Linux for years in the past, I’m looking for this kind of ability out of those little 1-public-ip-setup kinds of boxes.

It’d be *really* slick if it’s the kind of box I could connect to from a remote public IP and configure – HTTPS with certs or whatever, ssh into an IOS-ish interface, whatever.