i’ve never really thought about it, but do fractions get significantly less coverage in elementary-school-level math classes in countries that are all metric?  I’d imagine so – hmmm



Jess and I are watching Molto Mario and Jess noticed that Mario’s friend Michael is Michael Stipe (from R.E.M.) – Jess is about 4 orders of magnitude more observant than I, although I’m distracted by some coding I have to get done today before we head out on vacation tomorrow 🙂


it’s my wife’s ord(' ')nd birthday and I’m here at work.  The divorce court judge isn’t going to side with me favorably with things like this as evidence 🙂 hehe


It’s amazing how many times I get stuck on something, start emailing the responsible team/dev/whatever and in the process of writing the email I figure it out.  I keep the drafts of those emails around just in case the sshots or whatever help provide background for subsequent questions.

It’s the same kind of effect when talking out problems, but I’m working with teams in Redmond at the moment and while IM works for most of the knick-knack stuff, the architectural issues are easier to knock out in emails, especially emails I never have to send because I figure out how I want to do X/Y/Z 🙂

TGIF, ya know?  Gotsta get ready for ‘s birfday manana 🙂


For some reason, I mistype my own name on this split keyboard all the time – James isn’t really all that tough to type out when you’re thinking about it, but invariably I’ll shove in Jaems or the like at the end of an email.

I can only wonder what it looks like when people see emails from me – “check this idiot, he can’t get his own name right”.

Ok, my co-workers are nicer than that, but still… I can tell they’re thinking it.