Happy BIrthday Deftly!

here’s hoping your day is filled with everything but the strong whiff of ill-mix.

Happy Birthday!



lots of stuff fixed, but need to get home to bang on 802.11 lest it annoy me forever


before i forget…

2525 meridian (my company, our VC firm, lots of other companies) got broken into and tons of laptops taken this weekend… which normally wouldn’t affect me, except that we’re still off limits from the conference room, and the blue bean bag (Smurf), while my favorite of the bunch in there (Toad and Brick notwithstanding), just didn’t feel right during the morning’s meetings.


(course, arsenal had over 50 laptops taken… way screwed 🙂


i need to catch up on some work this week since ice day and the lan party made it a 3.5-4 day weekend… i’ll try to catch up everything later… maybe tonight if some diff pcmcia attempts get my home 802.11 acting better.


good news: pci/cardbus bridge works like a champ on 98/ME (athlon 750 ME box with bridge has 802.11 connectivity through wavelan gold to wavelan gold in 98 laptop)

bad news: now I’m really stumped as to why the machine “pauses” while the card is inserted under Linux 2.2.18 (UP, no IRQ sharing, no APIC enabled).

maybe i’ll play around with it during downtime of the lan party this weekend… we’ll see 🙂