Played basketball at lunch with a guy named Lavel – I think he works at nVidia (that was the building he walked back to). Pretty fun, but hopefully if the doc can get my knee stable it can be more “real” games instead of what amounted to mostly shooting drills.



Sweet – the Duke orthopedic place has an office 1 exit down 40 over @ Southpoint – got an appt for Thursday afternoon. That’s pretty friggin convenient.


Apparently, the orthopedic sports place or whatever it’s called closes at 4:30, so I get to call tomorrow instead. Thankfully it’s nothing with actual pain, lest I would find that aggravating 🙂

random work break

% AGE=30 && for i in $(seq 2 16); do echo -n “$AGE in base $i = “; echo -e “obase=$i\n$AGE”|bc -q; done
30 in base 2 = 11110
30 in base 3 = 1010
30 in base 4 = 132
30 in base 5 = 110
30 in base 6 = 50
30 in base 7 = 42
30 in base 8 = 36
30 in base 9 = 33
30 in base 10 = 30
30 in base 11 = 28
30 in base 12 = 26
30 in base 13 = 24
30 in base 14 = 22
30 in base 15 = 20
30 in base 16 = 1E


So I’ve played basketball at lunch all week – nothing major, just mainly shooting around, drills, junk like that.

My left knee is absolutely fine.

My right knee feels like it’s full of fluid and is hard to bend or put weight on it.

What’s up with this? Man, being 30 sucks.


my birth year was a ’74 (1974) with a factor of 47 (2*3*7*47) – the next year with that pattern is 6674 (2*47*71)

*way* too much sugar.

I’m gonna go shoot now



… from the 2 massive pieces of Susan’s birthday cake I had last night. I’m gonna *need* to go shoot basketball at lunch.

Speaking of which, played over at 2600 Meridian (RH should have never left, how cool of an address is that?) yesterday and met John and Keith who work for some place called Consuella (or something like that).

The nets at both 2600 and 2525 are horrific, CMD (still) refuses to maintain them, so I gotta find some place that’ll sell chain nets – anyone know?


10:53 [@alchemist] <– 1/11/1971

That made me wonder about the primes between 1960 and 1980 for some reason

% factor $(seq 1960 1980)|perl -ne 'print if 1 == tr/ //'
1973: 1973
1979: 1979


anyone know of something that’s working (songprint won’t work for me, and it’s abandonedware) that detects the “same” mp3 contents?

They won’t match exactly in contents (md5sum woulda been first) and apparently not even in length (could be off a second or two)

What I’ve got now is something that mp3check -c’s them and calcs whether they’re diff in time-length by more than a few seconds, but that doesn’t feel very accurate