21:39 [BillyBreen] they really need ‘thugs’
21:39 [BillyBreen] tivo hacker user groups



so, today was my last day at PharmaNet, and because of a funny little screw-up my computer got taken away already, so I spent my last day just chatting with people and doing some random tech support for other people, including Jill up in Vermont who had some broken VPN stuff so she couldn’t get some project done for one of the clients that’s due tomorrow.

All in all it went pretty well. The office was only about half-full anyway because of the holidays, but there was still lots of little typical conversations about keeping in touch, having lunches together down the road, etc.

Tomorrow’s the first day at the new job. Wish me luck.


It’s official – while I typically get sick maybe once every 2 or 3 years, I was “well” for all of about 2 days and now I’m sick again, this time having caught what Chad was coming down with, which makes sense, since Jess and I kicked him out of his own bed while we crashed at his place. Reciprocated pain – fun for the holidays!

dear braintrust:

what was the episode where Alton shoved in the wood skewer (or bamboo or whatever) to keep the water in the smooth glass container from superheating while it was in the microwave?

My memory, she is no more. That and she totally hates it when I anthropomorphize her.

I need Kenshin and Yoda to have deep, meaningful conversations. and then I should spend a couple brain cycles to compare/contrast their conversation styles with reverse polish notation.

wanna hear something stupid? My first state-wide math competition (7th or 8th grade, i forget) – Ashley Reiter’s got a great calculator (I forget if we sat together at lunch or what) and she explains to me, for the first time in my life, reverse polish notation. I feel in love with it immediately. It made infinitely more sense to me. A few years later I think it was Matt Welsh who first explained stacks to me. I need to send him an email – he taught me enough AIX over email so I got and kept my first sysadmin job (RS/6000’s) @ ncsu.



i continue to be amazed at how many people find regular expressions hard to understand. There are certainly some bizarre things you can do with them, and in java 1.4+ space the double-escape stuff can be confusing, but still


i hate the phrase “tomorrow night at midnight” (lotr commercial in this case). I didn’t make midnight the start of the day instead of the end of it, but we have to accept it and move on.

And there was no year 0, 1/1/0001 + 2K = 1/1/2001

and noon shouldn’t really be called 12:00pm, given that pm means post-meridian or whatever.

And the peanut is neither a ..

well, you get it.


so I’m trying to play devil’s advocate (what? me???) with a co-worker that’s in our main kitchen (i was getting a drink) and she was talking about how Saddam should be dragged out to a field with days and days of torture before his death. So, I start to explain how a former prisoner named Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky had the insight that you can judge a society based on how they treat their prisoners. Too bad I got stuck on his last name. For the life of me I couldn’t properly pronounce it.

I think I’m turning into my father. His word is Galactica. 🙂