– not inspiring my confidence as a customer

at 2am on sunday morning would be one thing – it’s past 7am on a Wednesday.



not that you care, but: Who I'd vote for

  1. If he gets the nomination, Ron Paul, no doubt.  Perhaps even if he runs independent, although I’ll have to evaluate it again at that point.
  2. Obama, for various social reasons.

That’s it so far – no one else has earned my vote.  The way the numbers are going, I’ll either be voting Democrat (for Obama) for the first time ever, or abstaining from the Presidential vote.

BTW, Obama as VP on a ticket doesn’t matter enough for it to get my vote (since I know who that’d be under) – Ron Paul as VP would be interesting, but since the rest of the field seem content to label him “crazy”, I’m not considering that much of a possibility.