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yesterday had a nice long phone conversation with the VP of Engineering for Empirix (also in Waltham, like Porivo’s new parent Gomez, and yes Gomez and Empirix have a long-standing but… strange… partnership). Basically, the same result as everyone else, though – they love my resume, would love to have me, but don’t have the slots / free money / etc. to do so. He said they could probably get it done around October or so, but that’s not very helpful to me at the moment :-/

On the bright side, he said he was going to meet with their CFO today to see if anything could be worked out, but I let him know about all the timing situation stuff so hopefully I’ll be talking with him again this afternoon to find out what the dealio is.

I really need to get these few parts of my resume I’m not happy with re-written so I can send updated versions to the various places I’m targeting now. Bleah.

Christmas came way early this year

My parents decided that me not having a cupholder for my ride to work just wasn’t acceptable any more 😉 So, I have me a fancy new cupholder!

and, of course, it happened to come complete with an entire actual car attached it 🙂

my new ride!

my new ride!

my new ride!

Yup, those silly goofballs went and bought me a car, a 2001 Toyota Camry LE. It’s basically one year younger and a different color than the 2000 Camry LE we already have, so we’re already used to driving it 🙂 While my initial (and second, and third, etc 🙂 reactions were very much “that’s way too much”, I have to admit that I love it! Not having to drive Jessica’s “blue bomb” (1992 Ford Tempo, who’s seen much better days, like before the accident that severely damaged its frame) is a very welcome relief 🙂 Air conditioning, an awesome sound system, and yes, lots of cupholders – I love it!

It’s just wacky how good those cupholders can be these days.


neat – the clock in the snickers commercial (at the end of this seinfeld episode on my tivo) said 6:07 but it’s past that now at 6:14 ish

amazing how setting my .muttrc “editor” variable and an “alias vi=true” .bashrc entry has helped me push myself into using emacs as my editor of choice. I’d say I’m around 85% into it so far with all the basics down – some of the minor modes are nice. The sgml major mode’s sweet, but i’m still kinda torn on the fill minor mode (whether i should have it on by default) for the sgml and text major modes. It’s nice in some situations, but has gotten annoying when I was pasting some entries from logs and it was annoying. hmmm


for anyone else using xmlresume, if you want an rtf (I decided to see if I could make one today) what works for me is just using jfor – with the 0.7.0 jar in my classpath, it worked fine.

for those very lazy, here’s a patch for the Makefile

enjoy! lemme know if there’s better options, too – i posted it as an RFE on the sf project


the thunder sounds soooooooo cool. I wonder if there’s a program that could generate “random” thunder sounds. that’d make for killer background {noise,music} for me.


random stupid thought – having gone back to an *old* code base and updated it a little for performance tweaks, I begin to wonder whether over-use (across lots of running apps on a system) of madvise(MADV_SEQUENTIAL) could actually drop performance – or how about MADV_RANDOM. Well, i mean the corner case is pretty obvious, but how realistic is that chance? It’s probably just the target applications I’ve worked with in the past, but man I *heart* mmap/madvise/mlock… some days I really miss kernel work :-/