hey – i’m watching this tivo’d Discovery channel thing “Science of Superhuman Strength” – at the 43 minute mark is good ol Sarah Conner in your user pic pose from the movie 🙂



my tivo swears I need to watch X-Files – I have about a dozen of them as suggestions at the moment.

And I think I just saw the reason I might have to agree.

I’m watching the “Sleepless” episode and here at the 39 minute mark I’m staring at Lazlo Hollyfeld

The problem? IMDB lists the actor’s name as Jon Gries and while this episode was filmed in 1994, there’s nothing in there. Unfortunately, the character’s not attributed at the end of the episode. I’ve watched the scenes 3 times now, it’s definitely him. I’m guessing since the character didn’t have enough lines (it’d seem) to get attributed, that’s why it isn’t showing up.

So, google to the rescue – a search on “jon gries sleepless” and sure enough, the very first hit nails it.

ah, google to the rescue again.

Now, back to watching X-Files.


I gotta get “glimpse” or something similar going soon – it’s ridiculous to try and use cygwin for recursive grep’ing a source tree of any size.

My kingdom for a cygwin file i/o that doesn’t run an order of magnitude slower than native. Sure, it’s an abstraction, there’s some perf hit there. I refuse to believe it has to be *that* bad 🙂


neat, another instance (last one I noticed as an X-Files episode) where the captioning was (apparently, still) the original script, but the audio was a later edit, perhaps done by the syndicating network (Cartoon Network in this case, as this is Adult Swim)

Family Guy episode “Holy Crap”

The line is from the toy with the pull-string

audio: Any of you kids want to see a dead body?
caption: You kids know where I can score some weed?


the radio dork that is me

instance #1:

so Styx (yup, them) is on Bob and Tom this morning and playing some new song. It’s actually mildly amusing for a bit, but gets much more so when the late second verse (or maybe third verse) arrives and the lead singer forgets the lyrics and starts in with “la la la la” – definitely not intentional, he admits to forgetting them once the song is over. *that* was funny.

instance #2:

scanning through my AM presets driving home last night (AM, you know, cuz I roll like that) and whatever (very boring at this time of night) talk show guy is launching into the pseudo-commercial talking about his sponsor which is apparently Weaver Brothers Volvo. His comment is specifically, “you know, a Volvo is just getting warmed up when it hits six digits on the speedometer”. That’s right kids, not odometer. So, what’s my dork mind thing? “Yeah, it’s getting warmed up because if those units are still mph and it’s still anywhere near sealevel, the poor car’s doing around Mach 130 and the air drag is toasting it up nicely like a campfire marshmallow”

I’m trying to be more open with my dorkness after was brave enough to admit the arm-tanning ponderings she had and relayed to others. (IMHO, as good a reason as any to find a nice sunny place in a country that drives on the other side of the road and live there half the year…. or stay lazy, stay in the US, and go motorcycle 🙂

Monday Monday Monday


vnc scaling, by 1/2 or 2/3, even though tagged experimental, makes life so much easier when i’m having to control machines (like my work machine at 1600×1200) from this 1024×768 laptop.

I don’t mind a shrunken font that’s a little harder to read – scrolling around a desktop is infinitely more annoying


the first sealab 2021 I saw was the funniest 15 minutes I’ve ever seen on television.

The episodes since haven’t been nearly as funny.

I’m now watching “Article 4” – Sealab’s last chance to stay on my season pass list


I’ve inherited 2 things from Buddy’s desk at work today.

One of them’s this 15-piece puzzle (Buddy told me what they’re called, but I forgot). It’s 4×4 with one square missing and the other 15 move around – it makes a smiley face. I was never very good at those, but I blame my borderline ADHD… right, that’s the ticket.

The other is a 18/8 (Hey, , what’s that mean again? something about nickel and alloy or something?) stainless RemaLux 4-tine fork from Germany – it says Chrom/Nickel/Stahl – those wacky Germans

Got yet another inexperienced waitress at Crazy Fire today. When I get one of the regular ones, we don’t even have to say anything, we just wave, they point us to a table, we go hit the bowls. When you get a new one, it’s like pulling teeth and they *never* understand my lettuce requests. You would think I was ordering filet mignon from Mickey D’s with the looks they give me. Crickey!

Oh, , I still have that Radisson CD if you want/need it back 🙂

My co-workers give me silly stuff from conferences they get to go to, and while I know they’re just being nice (well, Sean’s being nice at least), it comes across like so much taunting.

This weekend, I’ve got to get some Real Work done. Side projects don’t pay well when you don’t get anything done on them 🙂