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XNA‘s one of the teams that was dogfooding Team Foundation internally pretty early on, so I’m happy to see they’ve got their first public bits ready to share!

Brian Keller – Product Manager for XNA : Microsoft XNA Build March 2006 Community Technology Preview

I’m pleased to announce that the first public pre-release of XNA technology is now online for you to download. This is the March 2006 Community Technology Preview of Microsoft XNA Build. XNA Build is designed to help game studios manage their game content builds.

the unsung hero of registry operations – reg.exe

22:53 [ Geofu] there’s no chance that we’d have some nice little neat way of backing up the registry, given a key, to a standard .reg file is there..
22:53 [ Flav] Geofu: reg save key filename

reg.exe is incredibly useful.  I don’t think it gets as much press as it should.  For instance, I see people sending .reg files to each other – I think that’s horrible, and I’d personally much rather copy/paste some reg.exe commands (where the contents and actions going on are more explicit) than “running” a .reg file

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governments need to save money, too

Since just a couple days ago I was discussing over lunch how I’m in favor of legalization for purely economic reasons (reduce/eliminate the justice department‘s burden of enforcement, create taxes, just like we already have on alcohol/tobacco/firearms … but there’s the other point of view, too) I thought this was interesting to learn how other governments are saving money on prisons themselves.

What do you think?  Origami, LoJack Edition.

Prisoners’ Tracking – inventing new ways to address prison overpopulation

Poland has taken a step even further, by proposing to implement the concept of ‘Virtual Prisons’. Using similar GPS-based technologies, the Polish Government wants to impose curfews and secure perimeters to prisoners with sentences of six months or less. Here again, the objectives are to free-up some prison space, as well as to drive a cost-efficienct approach (a ‘virtual prisoner’ is expected to cost half the price of a traditionally incarcerated prisoner) to the issue of re-soliacisation of criminals.

making it easier to find your app's SQL in the Profiler's output

This is a trick I’ve used in the past when the database I was running the profiler against had a lot going on and I just wanted to filter it based on a particular app.  This post describes it nicely!

SQL Profiler and “Application Name=MyApp;”

Here’s a great trick that can be really handy if you’re a fan of the SQL Profiler. In your application connection strings add the “Application Name” keyword/value.

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