I hate partial RSS feeds and blogs.msdn.com needs to kill them

So the debate on partial vs full RSS feeds has been going on for ages (and continues to go on, of course).  IMHO it was a much more interesting debate before ads embedded in RSS feeds became a common reality – now partial feeds are just annoying :)  I like that Lifehacker went the route of offering both – masochists certainly need that partial-feed option to help make their day.

Now, if you have ads on your blog and not in your RSS feed, and especially if you’re an individual trying to get that Adsense/etc revenue, then in that case I’m still annoyed by the partial RSS feed, but at least I can understand the decision.

That leads to blogs.msdn.com, which is operated by Microsoft, for use by (only) Microsoft bloggers, with content almost exclusively about Microsoft products.  It’s been an amazing source for information and connecting with customers.  It’s extremely valuable to Microsoft and its customers.

However, some of these blogs have partial RSS feeds.  It’s enough of them that I’m guessing it is (or was) the default for new blogs, and it’s just (hopefully) inertia causing the current situation and not a deep-seated hatred of customers reading your blog through an RSS reader 🙂

Now, the main feed is fine, funny enough – http://blogs.msdn.com/MainFeed.aspx does full posts, thankfully 🙂

Some offenders (just looking at the feeds in my reader) are below.  Now, admittedly these ~half-dozen are still the vast minority (I’d guess I have around 60 total feeds I have off the site, so we’ll call it ~10%), but given the target of the blogs (as an entire site and individually), I just don’t see why as a feature it’s not turned off for the entire site, or least some daily/weekly job turning it off for all blogs hosted on the site 🙂










http://blogs.technet.com/markrussinovich/ (ok, technically on technet, but it’s the same kind of thing, same company, same support group, etc)




http://blogs.msdn.com/michael_oldenburg/ (“The OneNote Blog”)



http://blogs.msdn.com/stephaniesaad/ (member of TFS mgmt)



http://blogs.msdn.com/team_foundation/ (TFS team blog)






Yeah, the screen shots above make it obnoxious, I’ll admit – what do you want me to do, switch over to partial RSS feeds? 🙂


moved over to wordpress.com

The Ubuntu box that was hosting my blog and gallery had some kernel problems after updating to “lucid lynx” a week ago – even after working around that (turning off IO-APIC, so it’s back to single-proc), the box was still running out of memory with apache2, php5, mysql 5.1.  Admittedly, it’s a pretty old box with only 256MB in it, so I thought about moving to a new box or adding memory, but neither seemed interesting and the box is strung off a cable modem (“business class”, but still), so I didn’t see much point in continuing the effort.

So, I’ve moved the blog over to wordpress.com, but using their $10/yr option to host through your own domain, so it should be relatively transparent (links should all be the same, although I need to update the theme since it’s still the wordpress.com default).  The wordpress export then import worked surprisingly well once I jacked up the max_execution_time on the linux box’s apache2 php.ini (defaults to 30 seconds) so I could actually get the whole export xml.

I haven’t bothered much with ads on the blog over the years, so there’s no real loss of adsense revenue going on, and at least this way I don’t have to worry about the wordpress install myself 🙂

The gallery was fine, but hosting the images off (again) a cable modem was never great to start with, so moving it over to a real host (flickr in this case) seemed like a good choice too.  I’d rather go with picasaweb, but they don’t (currently) have nested albums (it’s been the #1 user request for AGES), and the existing album hierarchy is such that I’d rather not go to a ‘flat’ list of hundreds of albums.

If you happen to have any problems with the blog, please ping me.  Otherwise, we now return you to your normal programming, already in progress 🙂