where is that torx screwdriver? I can’t find it since the move, and it’s gonna be tough to get the cover off the tivo to stick in this spare 80GB drive i have lying around without it. bleah.



Dear self,

Having that second bowl at Crazy Fire for lunch is just a bad idea on all fronts, despite how good it tastes. That you dump mounds of crushed red pepper flakes and cayenne on each bowl doesn’t really help matters, either. Settle down, Beavis.




turns out that PNC never cleared up their false claim of a charge-off from my credit, despite saying they did twice. Now I get to go through that all again! fun!


today’s attempts at playing catch-up:

State and Main – excellent movie. Pleasantly surprised.
The One – pretty much what you’d expect – a Matrix rip-off, but splashes of eye candy
6th Day – still watching it, but also what you’d expect out of an Arnold movie, no more 🙂
Hannibal – nice and disturbing. I should watch more movies like this. Fun!

various 3rd rocks tossed in – I find them cute


There are days where part of me really wants to go back to school. Medical school. That personality test (Summer Ventures, iirc) said my perfect career was a radiologist, and there are lots of days where I think it may have held more truth than I gave it credit for.

I think it’s mainly because my personality is such that my sense of self-esteem is too dependant on the opinions of others (regardless of how much I may wish it wasn’t) for me not to be doing something that can give a lot more positive feedback and ego stroking. Getting to help people, get good money, wear fancy lab coats, and play with big machines with powerful electro-magnets – how could it be anything less than fun?

Heh, it’s always neat to wonder 🙂


Forgot to include the office one – I got stuck kinda in the middle. Wearing that white shirt made me stick out like a sore thumb in the pic, but c’est la vie.

Fun fun fun. Hopefully we can scare up a scanner soon – there were some half-decent ones from the party, but all from disposable cameras. 🙂