interesting, indeed.

I have to admit I’ve used Referer in the past, though… course, most of that was to figure out how people were getting to my resume or cutting off image access, but still.



So, the morning workouts are better (lifting, specifically, especially now that I’m doing TKD) than the night ones, but I need to start going to bed early enough so I can get up early enough to actually get in a 0.5-hour-cardio-1.5-hour-lifting session before work.

Smarties are still a bizarre thing to eat on a low-carb diet, but they work pretty well I have to admit.


this is me trying to play ketchup (hah!)

Monday was the PharmaNet baseball game – it was pretty fun, they won 6-4 over the Charlotte Knights to cut their magic number from 6 down to 4 (they’re 3 ahead of Charlotte for the Southern Division lead with then-7-now-5 to play). Lots of good food and Jessica finally met some of my co-workers. Sean and Rob (the ones I wanted her to meet the most) didn’t make it, though. Some other time.

Tuesday was the Blue Man Group at Alltel. We had inherited a free Priority Seating pass which was nice – dinner (well, heavy hors’ dourves), a trivia contest about the Titanic, lots of things raffled off (mainly other tickets), VIP entrance. We won upgrades to box seats which was very nice (box #23). The show was amazing – Tracy Bonham and Venus Hum opened (and both sang with the Blue Man Group as well). Jessica about got pulled on-stage since the blue guys were out searching for people to pull on-stage and one came climbing into the box seat section and stood on the table in the box in front of us for a couple minutes. He ended up taking a girl from 2 boxes ahead of us instead, though, so Jessica was spared. The show was incredibly entertaining, very funny at times, and lots of great music.


why is it just now dawning on me that “U.S.S. Enterprise” usage on ST:TNG seems out of place? Why would it still be named after the United States?

watching episode “Where Silence Has Lease” now – hadn’t seen it before.

LJ BrainTrust QoTD

what do you recommend for JSP editing in eclipse-land?

Yeah, I could fire up IDEA or JBuilder 8 or whatever, but I’m more interested in what options for Eclipse don’t suck 🙂

Lomboz, FWIW, does, IMHO


so, if you’re in an in-ground pool made from concrete, and concrete is a pretty good insulator, it seems like that the path of least resistance to ground (earth-ground) wouldn’t be through that concrete, so why is staying in the pool unsafe? (well, any less safe than being outside during the storm in the first place)

it’s on my “things i should RTFM”, yeah, just haven’t google’d for it yet 🙂

k, now i’ve google’d

Swimming pools are connected to a much larger surface area via underground water pipes, gas lines, electric and telephone wiring, etc.

so, well, this entry’s pretty pointless now… talk amongst yourselves.