conduit day is in the books, and I’m happy to say 98% of the work is done. Lots of pics taken (mainly by my mom) but given the 24kbps connect with this dialup, the pics will have to wait til Monday’s ride into work. Only a few minor blunders, nothing major, just a few dud holes where angling to miss a joist just didn’t end up being feasible and stuff like that.

The 2% left to do is the “trunk” sections, one at each end of the house – rather than do the 2″ PVC as originally thought, since we have so much 3/4″ PVC left instead of a real “trunk” at each end, the “trunk” role will be played by 3 to 5 25-foot sections of the 3/4″ stuff (depending on how much we have left – I need to take the tape measure out to the garage to check).

well, sleep soon and then trunks tomorrow and we’ll be all set.



yo , is committing code @ 2:30am count as part of that pre-Chi-town laziness/hibernation? What scares me more is the thought that you may have stopped on that codebase at 2:30 and moved on to or the like and you’re probably helping to nail down the bugs in the upcoming 0.6 release of kluje (nice work with the edit events stuff, btw, ) even now with your day’s sleep scheduled to happen on some random flight. Phear


and yes, my 5 hours of sleep indeed is an indication of how nervous I am about today’s conduit-installation efforts going well. I know that as long as I get the ones in the main room done ok (and those should be the easiest), I’ll have gotten most of the real value from the proposition, but getting it all worked out nicely would be very slick.

The camera’s batteries are recharging (have been overnight) so hopefully there will be a spare person or two to take pictures of the whole sordid ordeal, although I’m am totally reserving the right to veto and delete pics I don’t like. Admittedly, this is quite the double-standard since I’ve been so fascist in the past about not removing pics other people didn’t like. C’est la vie.

Ray-pawn-day, see Vu play (Play Vu Play! heh)

pedantic much?

after trying to catch up on slashdot (yeah, yeah – it’s like X y0 – sucks 2nd most with all others tied for first) and noticing the Boeing Blended Wing Body story, i went ahead and checked out the links for the civilian and military applications and just couldn’t resist it when the military page screws up the BWB in acronym in their header graphic

[Updated]: On the bright side, at least I wasn’t the only one to notice


[Updated]: lj-cut’d the img for you poor res-impaired souls out there


not only is my new street address cooler, so is my new zip! nice

jmm@jmm:/home/jmm> factor 2200 27615
2200: 2 2 2 5 5 11
27615: 3 5 7 263
jmm@jmm:/home/jmm> factor 2933 27613
2933: 7 419
27613: 53 521


hmmm – is that tickle in my throat from cheering too hard for the tarp crew at the bulls game? or because I’m catching something since we stayed out in the rain the whole time waiting for a baseball game to break out? tomorrow shall know for sure, methinks. well, later today. Sick on Conduit Day would be bad.


remember me doing that ref @ SAS for a friend? the same HR rep called today to do a phone interview… for the same guy (!) after I heard the voicemail and called her back she had realized in the mean time that she had already taken care of this and apologized when i called her – fun fridays 🙂


well, thanks to lots of rain on one incredibly idiotic skylight, there’s not much sleep going on here.

the conduit has all the terminals on, although some more may end up going on later depending on how things go. We did a walk around the house and marked the places that could most use conduit runs and marked the probable best locations for putting in the trunks. The second floor and attic get pretty hot, so I get the feeling we’re gonna wanna be doing most of the conduit runs from the first floor to the crawlspace 🙂