Simple math: 11 != 2011

Dear *,

The Visual Studio v.Next products have a major version of 11.  The major version of the previous releases were Whidbey/2005 = 8.0, Orcas/2008 = 9.0, VS 2010 = 10.0.

Note that the last one is a coincidence – that the 10.0 version was called 2010 and shipped in 2010 was happenstance.

Please don’t call it “Visual Studio 2011” or “TFS 2011”, as it should be obvious that it will NOT be shipping in 2011.

Yes, “Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011” makes this a bit more confusing, but you can do it!


TFS 2010 – building an older changeset

In case you ever want/need to run a build with a version other than ‘latest’, here’s how:

  • Switch to Parameters tab
  • Expand the ‘Advanced’ options
  • Input the version for the ‘get’ operation

The version can be anything that the ‘get’ operation supports, so a datetime, a label, a changeset, etc (it just passes the string along).  For a changeset, you can put in either just the number or prefixed with a ‘C’ (the get version parsing assumes a bare int is a changeset number).

So, to queue a build for changeset 5384, I did: