eyes burning badly… needed lots more sleep.
I hate that feeling



Lots of good tracing today…. almost totally finished with the conversion of the entire trace tool processing suite, although it looks like I’ll need to add some code to do backwards streams instead of forwards ones (madvise might not help so much there, although DONTNEED is still around).

Ya know, I guess it’s probably time to pass generic functions to the stream library instead of fixed datafile specifications. Ugh, I hate to get to the point of reimplementing STREAMS from other OS’s, but it could help so much here… hmmm


Ok, so it looks like July 7-12 will be spent out in Portland. Hopefully I’ll get to see Chas while out there. Monday will be the all-day interview at Sequent, and Tuesday looks to be scheduled for talking with some of the professors over at OGI, so it should be fun.

Recommendations for places/things/events/etc to check out while spending time in and around Portland are certainly welcome 🙂


I was really hoping to be able to avoid coming in today, but 2 of the 6 traces had “issues”, so here I am retaking them and a few extra for good measure.

Everyone wish Jessica good luck in her efforts to get over to another branch.

And someone let me know the good groups/areas/departments to work with/for in the following companies:

  • Intel
  • Oracle
  • Sequent (yes, you know I know)
  • Microsoft (yes, I am considering it)



Jersey Mike’s, number 7 regular with Provolone.

After writing an essay to help get Jessica a new job (hopefully) last night instead of making the LUG meeting (and missing an entertaining one, by all accounts), I needed a good sub.