Arizona beat MSU, so if the ACC team wins the final, I get 1st place in the office pool… arizona wins, I get 2nd



good time for a weekend.



admittedly, I have more user-space issues than kernel-space ones, but still.

oh, and I hate seeing:
Request failed: Database error [log]: Got error 136 from table handler


Alton Brown misspelled “caramel” as “carmel” in the show I’m watching “The Egg-Files II: Man With a Flan”. I shall pester him on the 22nd when I see him. It will be my greatest victory!

I’m such a loser.


ok, this is odd… I don’t see anything past 1:33am this morning when doc/jeff complained about not having tivo 2.0, but apparently others are seeing my posts well after that time.. hmmm

oh, and…

i noticed it now gives you the amount of recording time based on best and basic quality… any place that tells you the current amount of disk taken by the programs currently recorded (not counting what’s being recorded automatically on live tv would be nice)? just curious