We ran by Sam’s Club today to get another 50 cases of drinks for the office – they had 2500 mAh NiMH Energizer rechargeables for under $2 / battery ($15.84 per 8-pack) – considering for those was $2.50 only if you bought 24 or more, it’s a great price, so I picked some up.

Ok, not the most exciting post ever, but trying to do a little PSA-ish thing


parties, birthdays, and trying not to be That Guy

With apologies to , in this context, That Guy is the one that gets a present at a gift-giving event from someone they didn’t get a present for.

This past week, good ol’ Thomas Swain (Gary’s brother) sure enough got me a Best Buy gift cert and we hadn’t gotten him anything. I confirmed with Jess that we had never exchanged with Thomas before. I asked Thomas about it, and he admitted he couldn’t remember from last year’s party so he got the gift cert because he didn’t want to be That Guy… making me That Guy. Ah, well.

So, I’ll get him an XBox game or something, I figure – he already got Crimson Skies as a present from Gary/Susan, so it’ll have to be something else.

Part of this annual part is the turkey frying… and, well, potato chips, french fries, oreos (yum!), milky way/snickers, and this year, some new, although failed, additions – s’mores and samoas.

In my eagerness to help make chips, on my third potato, not using the hand guard (since it wouldn’t hold the potato at the angle I wanted), and a whopping day before Alton would teach me about the cut-resistant gloves he uses when playing his mandolin, I sure enough cut off a piece of my right ring finger.

Amazing how much that finger being injured affects your typing. Not horrifically so, but I didn’t really perceive that it would have much of an effect at all, but the bandaging kind of shifts all the balance out of my right hand, and things get all pear-shaped typing-wise, although I’m starting to adjust to it now.

I need to take more pictures. Chad’s been uploading lots of his and, being the good photographer, adding lots of captions. Funny ones, too.


Since I’ve been doing some of my work on India time recently (specifically, GMT+7, so it’s a nice and easy tr/ap/pa/ on getting his local time) , I’ll say Happy (somewhat early) Birthday to half of my brother-in-law gang, !