The instruction at “0x77f64d8a” referenced memory at “0x0001ff15”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the application
Click on CANCEL to debug the application


Hickory Dickory Dock



So what ends up happening if you juggle too many things in the air at once? Can you drop some and still recover? Can you just start tossing them to other people? 🙂

props to Denise and Jasmine at Penny’s Attack of Guilt. Very funny lunch.


Why do people look at you funny when you can scan pages and pages of hex dumps and intermittent bit patterns? My crack pipe has a cute and fuzzy bunny sticker on it , ya know


I love code that breaks 2 days after the developer leaves for a 2 week vacation… and ugly enough code that I don’t want to bother tracking down the problem 🙂


Wow… sometimes job offers come from some of the most bizarre and unexpected places.
“We like smoking crack,and we noticed you like smoking it too”

Course, it was similar lines along which Linus took Transmeta, but sometimes I wonder


Oh, and Nitin Dahyabhai didn’t complain at all when we picked up him from his
parentals’ place at 12:30pm and didn’t get him to his place until midnight. Amazing.

Course, he did kind of wonder out loud about who had been playing with his DreamCast, but that’s another story altogether that I feel Nalin/Adrian/Matt might have to explain.