realization I had a few mornings ago in the shower – afaict, this is the first time I’ve worked and resided in the same county since the better part of a decade ago when it was Cumberland county (my hope mills $5/hr house-call tech-support-in-a-suit hell job before I got the call for the contracting job @ ibm)




Dunno why this crap is broken, but I’m thinking about wandering over to ‘s place down the street, break in, and get some gta3 lovin’ while the going’s good.

Ok, not really, but it makes for a good mental diversion while I try to avoid planning the slow, painful execution of the devel group that’s really making life very painful for me now :/


Dear [evil-software-author]:

Please don’t bother adding a debug flag if it’s not going to explain the early exit that your program is taking for no explained reason (and exiting with 0, despite its job failing).


ISO (in the classifieds sense) competence

Bleah – I think Beavis had it right with his (in)famous quote, “You can’t polish a turd”. So very, very true.


oh, and remembered to actually stretch before and after the run today (35min/4.2mph) – hopefully that’ll be a help I like cardio as a morning habit – you can do it the exact same way each morning, just watch a diff show.