After gashing open a tire trying to get Chris’s Land Rover unstuck, the new tires are on and finally balanced, so all is well with my truck again.

Never let it said that beast didn’t go 4-wheeling… poor Chris spent a good half an hour getting the thing clean 🙂

Yes, I know I’ve been bad about posting lately… things have been hectic to say the least 🙂



lotsa busy work… i’ll prob skip lug


in the spirit of hap, i’ll post my little embarassing (slightly fear-inducing) moment from last night.

[irrelevant build-up]
So after checking out Cecil B. DeMented at the Rialto last night with the Former Roomies (Mark, Matt, Drew), we head over to Nitin’s for a little soul-burning (awwww yeah) where Matt’s mass quantities start to show (even more so than the fact he ordered pizza at the place across the street 14 minutes before the movie started). So after a few final rounds of Ivy practice, we head out and I drop Matt and Drew over at Drew’s car downtown and head over to Mark’s place to watch Dogma (with some Spicy Chicken Of 12:56am). I’m getting much more tired than I was at 2:15am of the previous night, so I decide to head back home even though Bartleby and Loki haven’t even gotten to trying to buy train tickets.

[embarassing moment]
So I’m heading back (Duraleigh to Blue Ridge/Creedmoor since it just felt shorter than Duraleigh/Millbrook to Creedmoor) when at a red light a car coming the opposite way flashes his brights really quickly.

Now, I know in most cases the height of my headlights off the ground make people think I have my brights on even when I don’t. In many cases I just ignore these flashes. Sometimes I’ll do a quick flash back just to say “believe it or not, these are my low beams”, but sometimes…

Ok, it didn’t help that I had Break Stuff from Jessica’s CD playing on the radio, but it made me feel better when I was thinking about the time I had wasted in writing a program that’s been deemed (far too late in the product cycle IMHO, but at this point I just wanna sell product) useless for this client site. Ugh.

So anyway, the light turns green and this guy that flashed his brights at me is coming the opposite direction. With the music way-too-loud anyway (so I’m already half-way to full-blown obnoxious), I flip my high beams on and leave them there. It felt much better than the sinking feeling I got about 5 seconds later as the trooper glared at me from about 5 feet away when he passed. No, he didn’t turn around to pull me (although I could see him checking every tail-light to find an excuse), so all turned out well.

I gotta go dig up theYanni CD’s I used to study to back in high school. Soon.

[side note]
/me wonders if he wins a spot award for rambling this long 🙂 j/k, tc 🙂


bay networks stackable hubs shove 400Mbps (full duplex) over Centronix connectors?


/me goes to re-eval Centronix as a connector for the upcoming tool’s debug port.


<LouZiffer> flop flap flip flap, Kurrelgyre... flip flap floppy flip!
<LouZiffer> (look what I made, Kurrelgyre... it's a floppy script.)
<LouZiffer> flippy flappy!
<LouZiffer> (very useful.)
<Kurrelgyre> uh...
<Kurrelgyre> what are you smoking, and why aren't you sharing it?

I love my friends 🙂


before I forget to mention this…

I see an 89 red Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Edition in the parking lot of the best buy over on glenwood and drop jess off at some stationary place while I spend 15 minutes drooling over it with a couple of other guys that kind of wandered over (and one guy that just came over in his M3 and didn’t bother to get out, just rolled down his window 🙂

The guy was nice enough to rev the V12 for about a minute before taking off… I got all weak at the knees 🙂


ok, in case anyone reading this might know, where’s a cheap mixer for voice-only microphone inputs (6 or 8 channel)? the boundary mic from rat shack leaves much to be desired with the huge amount of background hiss it provides