there are times when I really really love my mortgage company.

*snoopy dance*



oh, forgot to mention this before. I noticed on The Shield that the badge number Shane had was 714 – kinda neat, since I always remember that being Friday’s badge number on Dragnet (and continuing to be the badge number on the new Dragnet, fwiw). Not sure what the underlying message, if any, is about Shane or the writers giving props to old-school cop shows or what, but it was neat nonetheless 🙂

oh, and…

I brought in my own personal 19″ monitor (18″ viewable) so I could be at 1600×1200 again since the junk monitors we have at work (Compaq S720’s, 17 inch, like 15.6 viewable) aren’t cutting it for me. I missed 1600×1200 so badly – it is *so* the bare minimum for doing useful work IMHO.

Yeah, I should lj-poll here or something. Maybe later.

i gotta post once in awhile!

work is work

weather has been horrible – cold and rainy doesn’t make it very easy to stay awake when the work itself is boring enough already

I keep wanting to get some bball going, but it’s hard to rationalize it with the weather the way it is – bleah.

Maybe some upcoming stuff at work will be fun, but it’s a little too early to tell. At least things should hopefully suck less, and that will be good.

There was a consistency violation on the last episode of The Shield where Vic’s hand went from Shane’s neck in one camera angle to his shoulder the instant later (camera angle switch). Or maybe I’m just on crack. 5:30am runs with 4 hours of sleep and all that. I’m surprisingly awake.

I’m really getting into this stream. Very ambient and soothing, but still enough going on to keep it from inducing a drowsy state.

Tomorrow is *supposed* to be Crazy Fire day but I’m losing it because of some training junk, but at least the lunch will be free. Ah, well.

At some point in the future, I’ll form actual paragraphs with real thoughts and trains of logic and the whole she-bang. Not today.


i’ve been pretty bad about posting recently. I need to work on that.

Short story of the past bit of time: lots of spades, lots of fun hacking around at home, a saturday morning spent using our driveway as a ski slope (worked pretty well), the super bowl last night with lots of hot wings and jess’s mexican dip 🙂

back to work 🙂

I’ll work on the verbosity some – I promise!


only took me 38 minutes to get to work in zero traffic – leet!

ok, so my avg speed of 32 mph probably left a lot to be desired, but I didn’t much like the last time I spun-out on I-40, so I think avoiding it cautiosly was fine, esp. given the site of that truck that had managed to flip, cave in its roof, and land right-side-up straddling the median guard rail. Nasty site.

The snow itself was/is still coming down, prob. only a 2-3 inch accum. so far (if that), but I love the kaleidoscope/starfield/whatever effect snow has as it catches the light from your headlights and then starts to flow in the air pattern around your car. Kinda bad, since I catch myself watching this snow 2 feet in front of my windshield at times and a lot less so the road in front of my car 🙂

For those claiming curiosity about the NC snowfall (hi kit!), it’s definitely snowing – the webcams i’m skimming have too little light to really show it, but any of them should get across the effect in an hour or so when the sun’s up 🙂


BudEBrewer (10:16:05 AM): man vss is a pain when your working dirs get out of whack
flavorjames (10:16:31 AM): you had a typo in that sentence – s/ when your working dirs get out of whack//;
BudEBrewer (10:16:49 AM): heh

at least eclipse with the vss plugin makes life a little better – that in-window editing is sooo nice

eclipse even makes dealing with MS Word files nicer

On Windows the Workbench will also attempt to launch the editor in-place as an OLE document editor. For example editing a DOC file will cause Microsoft Word to be opened in-place within the Workbench if you have Microsoft Word installed on your machine. If you have not installed Microsoft Word, Wordpad will open instead.

I *heart* eclipse so very, very much. 2.1 M4 has been quite nice to work with.


We hit Copeland’s with Gary and Susan for dinner last night (before our 8-hour spades-fest that ended around 5am 🙂

I ordered the jambalaya w/o any pasta/rice/whatever and it was quite the tasty treat 🙂 Yum!

Our last experience there hadn’t been fully positive (not horribly negative), but last night was nice. 🙂