Jill’s at the airport
we’re back home
I’m going back to bed



a good dent is done in the packing today and thanks to a little bit of hassle I have store credit at Sears and Wal-Mart. They will probably wait until after we move to the new house before I bother buying stuff for the new place. The turkey chili we had for dinner turned out pretty well I thought, but Jessica says she likes the real thing better. Ah, well 🙂

I’ve got to be up in a couple of hours (around 4:30am or so) to drive Jill and Jess to the airport. Driving on 2 hours sleep should be interesting, but at least I can sleep the rest of the day to catch up.


finally getting caught up again on TNG. Jill’s out having lunch with hap, so Jess is watching the downstairs tivo. I’ll prob. finish the shows I need to catch up on the upstairs tivo and then start cleaning up the office. The packing-up of this house is going to be quite insane.


Whirlwind Christmas is at a close and I’ll finally be sleeping in my own bed again tonight. A very nice change from the bed I got at the in-laws place which consists of about 3 inches of mattress and 6 inches of wood. It’s the kind of bed that could be used as a full-body splint in the case of major spinal damage, methinks.

The gifts were mainly clothes and penguin stuff, with a few things tossed in like an electronic dartboard from the parentals, the rice cooker I asked for from the in-law’s, pillows, a fleece throw, around 60 total cd-r’s from 3 sources and a calendar or two.

I think I’m gonna read a little more of The Two Towers (LotR) tonight since Jill promised we’d see FotR tomorrow (finally!) since I got gipped by our trip to Monsters, Inc. instead, although I’ll admit it was a cute enough movie.

It’ll be nice getting back into the semi-normal routine soon.

weekend in charlotte

So I’m here at Chad’s after having done the family reunion thing earlier today in Cornelius (N. Charlotte). It was nice to see everyone again. Chad’s out at the Tournament of Champions again tonight, and Carolina actually won a game (gasp!) so he should be happier when he gets back home.

I’m watching some “World’s Wildest Police Videos” show kind of thing after watching Joe Dirt, Little Nicky, and The Score earlier today using Chad’s PS2. I think I’ll take a nap and then we’ll prob. play some games tonight and tomorrow before I head to my parents’ place tomorrow evening.