My new-found network swiss army knife

I’ve typically used netcat (as many others do) for the network utility tasks.

The self-described netcat++ that I just found today via apt-cache search is socat.

The man page is very extensive, and it was hard not to be more impressed with each page of it. 🙂


And people at work wonder why I don't use

Search strings:

  • 38.897644, -77.035722
  • +38° 53′ 51.52″, -77° 2′ 8.60″
  • 38 53′ 51.52″ N 77 2′ 8.60″ W happily accepts all of those (and many others, I’m sure) and brings up that map.



What do I get with  North Dakota and Oregon






It seems, at best, odd that if I’ve already done the geocoding for you, that you can’t take coordinates and show me that map.  Lots of people have GPS’s these days.

And, of course, the best proof of all – “it works with Google” 🙂