Chad’s Haiku (he’s my new officemate as of around a month ago)

my poor flat froot loop
it once was round and vibrant
now it is but dust



This joke has popped up in multiple places, and I’m kind of curious how many we can identify. Please leave a comment of a place you’ve seen/read/listened-to it, but try not to add ones that others have already added. I could do this as a poll, but it’d require people to view the results (to only add a new entry) which seems lame.

Person 1: I have a dog with no nose.
Person 2: How does it smell?
Person 1: Terrible!

Any Monty Python fans that can’t name at least one need to take a refresher course or three. 🙂

Dear Livejournal Braintrust…

Thanks to I have a miniDV camcorder (Canon ZR90, fwiw) – for $10 I picked up a 1394 card and cable (yeah, my machines are too old 🙂 and I can use either the Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 that the card came with to get mpeg-1 (which would be fine for a vcd/svcd) or Windows Movie Maker in XP to get wmv, but neither really give end-to-end for the DV-AVI (or whatever) coming from the camera to dvd (mpeg-2, vob, etc.) burning

I’ve gotten co-worker recommendations for TMPG-Enc, but I want to hear other recommendations as well 🙂


I spent about half an hour in Firefox (as-is, no add-ins) and missed a couple things from Maxthon (what I use most of the time) – specifically, ctrl+shift+n for “new tab from url in clipboard” (I select url’s from my putty windows a good bit) and the more flexible “close tabs” options (close on left, close on right, same site, except same site, etc). I really like the “close checked” option of (iirc) crazy browser (i don’t *think* it was avant, but i’m not sure ATM) but i use “new tab from clipboard” more often.

Learned today that with TweakUI you can do the “shortcuts” (i forget what it’s called) feature where you can assign strings that’ll expand with the parameter substituted for %s – so “g foo” in the address bar would expand to the google search for foo (which you can do with other methods with Maxthon and the google bar, of course). I hadn’t realized IE already had this built-in, so it’s nice to use it again. 🙂

well that's fun

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