on an unrelated note, it looks like tonight will be the haunted hay ride! It’s about the only time I see thumper and Gemma anymore, so hopefully it’ll be fun. We should go late at night so it’s nice and dark to get Jessica scared. Fun!



since we don’t have a long-distance carrier attached to our home phone #, the tivo can’t make its initial call out to fetch the local dial-in numbers. Guess I should figure out some hack for this one-time case :-/

Kinda sad, even tossing in 10102201 as the prefix didn’t work, kept saying busy.

bleah 🙂


I want JBuilder 6 (which I’ve really grown to actually like), except substitute the editor with the one from IDEA, esp. the recent builds.

That combo would be insane. Course, I should probably play around with the jbuilder 7 stuff and see if it’s come along some.


Everyone remember to watch the game tonight. Should be fun. Their defense is pretty solid, so this could be quite a test. I’m hoping for something like a 17-14 NCSU win, but it may be a nail-biter. Dunno how many of these my heart can take after that 24-22 Duke game!

the world is funny

So the long-story-short version (I skip over long posts most of the time, I’d have to imagine others may do so as well) is that when we sold the last house and I was checking rates for everyone, Wells-Fargo (who our mortgage was with when they bought the company, Norwest Mortgage, who originally had it) had crappy rates. Went with a mortgage broker for the current house, which sold it to another mortgage broker… which sold it to Wells-Fargo. Kind of a best-of-both-worlds since I liked dealing with Wells-Fargo and now I can do so with a 5.5% 15-year-fixed mortgage, but still kinda funny to me.


I need the 2-sentence-max best explanation of the difference between URI and URL one day. It’s getting annoying trying to figure out which of the 2 classes to use for a given url-mangling operation. Thankfully, there’s not a huge diff in either case, but for the moment I’m mangling in URI and toURL()’ing to get something i can openConnection() on.

babble babble babble


dunno if it’ll get fixed by the time this is posted or not, but it’s kinda odd that every instance of “cia” has been capitalized in this article (at least, as I view it now) Yeah, I can imagine someone let MS Word do a mass search and replace for cia to CIA, but still

It took a year, but recent attacks suggest that the dispersal of terrorists from Afghanistan back to their home bases reinvigorated local extremist groups among them Jemaah Islamiah in Indonesia with an influx of logistical and finanCIAl resources. That has Tenet worried.

OffiCIAls fear that such an attack could be launched against any one of a number of American cities.