today’s been pretty crazy, and I’m sore and hungry. Time to head home.


weekend wrap-up

half-day Friday to knock off early and catch both Atlantis and Tomb Raider. Well, at least Atlantis was decent. Tomb Raider was sooo bad. It’s like they told Angelina to act like a cut-out of Lara Croft from the game and she took that direction way too literally. Ah, well.

Dinner later at Hard Wok. There was a little kid there that was exactly like Timmy off of South Park. Same hair, same look, same bursts of random output. It was hilarious! The food was good as always, but Jess was getting tired so she headed back home and Rob, Sonja, and myself hit the bowling alley for Extreme Bowling (9:30-1:00 for $13/person). As it turns out, it kind of qualified for Extreme as we talked the guy behind the counter into letting the 3 of us have 2 lanes (just like league :). 3.5 hours of constant bowling was fun, but exhausting. I think we played a total of 12 games. Each of us broke 170 at least once (my 179 had a turkey, sonja’s 178 had one as well. Rob’s 172 had a double in the final frame… he had a double in a lot of 10th frames… weird 🙂

Saturday, after sleeping in until 11am to recover, was spent heading down to Fayetteville to see my parentals for Father’s Day weekend. Jessica’s folks had headed out to Lincolnton for the weekend, so we’d only see my folks. Had fun, helped my dad buy some scalloped brick tree surroundings, set them around the trees, had dinner at some old hardware place downtown (once the rain let up enough for us to drive there :). Tasty stuff. Dessert at the Dairy Queen on the way back home. Still raining.

After getting back to the house-o-parentals, the rain was still pouring. Checking out the various forecasts, it looked less than safe to attempt a trip back home at night in the thunderstorm, esp. given that we had already gone through a flooded-out road on the way there, before the rain even started! So an impromptu night in Fayetteville resulted. Everyone else woke up in time for my mom’s famous chocolate-chip pancakes. I slept in til past noon and had to live with a regular ol lunch 🙂 Jessica had a ton of stuff to do back home, so we headed out after lunch and did household stuff for the rest of the Sunday.


Crazy mad props to for letting me borrow these DBZ tapes. Finally nice to start viewing past the Cell Saga. Viewing uncut, no commercials is crazy nice… I’m so spoiled! The Grand Kai cracks me up 🙂


After never having quite figured out why my speakers had this bizarre annoying background noise, I just figured out that it’s the EM field being created by the telephone a foot away from it. My phone’s now in the metal drawer 🙂


I forgot to post this earlier 🙂

So I’m walking out to the parking lot from our building at work when I notice Bob Young’s coming up the same sidewalk. I whisper over to the co-worker I’m walking with that it’s Bob Young (chairman of Red Hat, and head of the Center for the Public Domain that’s across the hall from us). After getting a “who’s Bob Young?”, I semi-freak and blurt out “it’s the famous Bob Young, chairman and former CEO of Red Hat, head of the CPD across the hall”. He’s gotten too close on the sidewalk and giggles hearing my description. He walks up to us and tells me co-worker “Look, it’s the famous James Manning!” and reaches out to shake my hand, which I bust out laughing and comply.

I was so embarrassed. It was hilarious 🙂


I think I had too much caffeine while drinking refreshments at the bowling alley. I’m tired-sore-wired even though I pulled an all-nighter last night. Maybe the 4pm-7pm nap wasn’t such a good idea. hmmmm


did decent at bowling tonight (148, 129, 161, 139 in the first four games). More importantly, I finally got the curve action going, but I’m going to need some practice in controlling it. My first attempt: ball laid on lane at slat 5 from the left. ball *barely* stays out of right gutter, comes all the way back and only hits the 7 pin (back left). Looks neat, but not very effective until I can get things under control 🙂


#hottub, the channel thumper/Christphr got me on… and one where the fights got bad enough to where I wanted my own IRC server, started one on, became, moved over to the microvax (hobbes)… part of a bizarre sequence of events called CATT 🙂

wow… just joined, and like half the people I knew from before are still there.