I should really post more often.

Today was mainly testing and running into a case where it wasn’t clear whether the test was wrong, the code, or both. Just when I think I understand the actual clinical trial process…



This is why my view of teaching is that first year CS students need to start at the basics, using C and building their way up from the CPU. I am actually physically disgusted that so many computer science programs think that Java is a good introductory language, because it’s “easy” and you don’t get confused with all that boring string/malloc stuff but you can learn cool OOP stuff which will make your big programs ever so modular. This is a pedagogical disaster waiting to happen.



floor-mounted bicycle pedals. so you can shove them under your desk and get kind of a stationary bike thing going.

i’ve heard they exist, but for the life of me can’t find them. ugh.

mmmmm tasty recruiter spam

makes me wish I had the free time to take this since I have a pretty good idea which place it’s with.

One of our clients in Durham, NC needs an Integration Engineer for a 3 month+ contract assignment. Pay depends on experience!

Candidates must have the following:
In-depth knowledge of Linux kernel, especially Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1. Linux driver development. SCSI driver development. Knowledge & understanding of Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and blocks protocol (FCP or preferably iSCSI). TCP/IP network programming experience. Distributed file system programming experience.


i’ve got this really bad habit that i’ve had for like 15 years now and I really need to break it.

It’s my shooting. You know that typical by-the-book shooter form where the left hand (or weak hand, you southpaws) is simply there to get the ball into place and all the real force comes from the strong hand? (correct rotation, ball rolls off the fingertips, etc. etc. etc.) I’ve had this awful habit (and can’t tell you why it developed, unless at the time I couldn’t throw a ball 20 feet through the air) of assisting with my left thumb. So, my right hand has to shoot naturally slightly to the left with the thumb correcting it back to the correct vector.

I keep meaning to tape down my thumb during shooting practice since it’s one of those habits you have to “unlearn”. Yeah, it’ll mean a drop in my shooting pct for a time, but I probably need to bite the bullet and get it over with. At times I’ll do a “one off” by just shooting free throws or set shots one-handed, but it’s really not the same as learning correct form.

Sure, lots of pro players have non-standard shooting forms and get away with it. (and, no, I’m not talking just Bill Cartwright from back in the day). However, watching a game or three with guys like dirk nowitzki or jj redick makes me want to quit this broken travesty.


it’s oh-so-wrong (IMHO) that I can’t do leg extensions because my calves are still in lots-o-pain from *thursday*’s workout and just the calves resting against the bench at the bottom hurts more than my last set on squats :-/

at least i ran for an hour this morning. Finally.


I need an Outlook keybinding for “change this font to Courier”.

Or, ideally, something that allowed me to default pasted-in text to something monospace (fixed-width). Unified diff’s in Arial are Not Good.

ah, well