i really gotta post more often, dagnabbit

DBMS_SQL.COLUMN_VALUE_LONG is not acting like I want it to, for no obvious (at the moment) reason.

I had a tuna-and-lettuce-wedge salad for lunch. Yum!

Red letter day – mark it down – I turned down Crazy Fire with Buddy for lunch. Scary stuff.



note to self: DBI will always fail to connect to your instance if you have it shut down doing a cold restore. Don’t bother trying, it just won’t work.


questions to the LJ brain trust:

– anyone got a wood chipper? 🙂
– any recommendations on where to rent one from for a day?
– anyone done soft/pine wood chips (we’re likely going to do most/all hardwood, just curious)
– anyone know the “decay time” for the various wood chip types?

wood chipping looks like fun. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

please, for the children!

any place that’s gonna offer hot-wings needs to have scoville units for each level. I begged the waitress at Upper Deck last night for the hottest ones possible with extra sauce on the side. It was pathetically weak. The waitress asked if she could bring out some tabasco. Honey, if I thought tabasco was hot, I prob. wouldn’t have called these wings weak 🙂

ISO (in search of): at *least* 6-digit scoville wings in the area. Ideally 300k+.

Yes, I could take around my own bottle of sauce, but that’s missing the point IMHO.


ugh. You would think wouldn’t say “March 16, 2003 – The 64-team field competing for the 2003 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship was announced today” since they should know better than others that it’s a 65-team field.

Speaking of which, go UNC-A! Good luck 🙂


remember, fellow citizens, the troops are not the ones making decisions about an invasion.

You can “support the troops” (whatever that means – as if something I do in my daily life is going to affect anything going on in the middle east) and feel like the decision to invade (the one made by the commander-in-chief … not the decision to go to war since that’s the power Congress holds, if they’re still awake) is the wrong choice.

Hiding behind 18-year-old troops is no better than gun control campaigners hiding behind children. Win your fight on logic or abandon it – don’t whine that anyone against you must not be supporting the troops/children/teletubbies/whatever.

Sorry, just gitting sick of the equivalency being drawn in the pro-war press.

Oh, and hating the decisions being made by part of the government also does not make you anti-American. IMHO, it makes you uniquely American – freely expressing your opinion as strongly as you wish, despite it being the opposite of the government (well, again, just a part of it) ruling the country you’re in.

kinda reminds me of entry 15 on my quotes page:

They are a threat to free speech and must be silenced! — Andrea Chen

Not that it matters, but parts of me are on both sides of the “issue”. I just hate seeing techniques like the above being used to “win” such political battles instead of the merits and strengths of each side going against each other. If I wanted a touchy-feely government constantly telling me how I should feel, I would have voted that way.

Saddam may have an ego problem, may have a mean streak, but he’s not a complete idiot. This isn’t the 17th century – he doesn’t need to be in Iraq to lead his military/government/whatever any more than Bush is powerless while he’s on Air Force One. Also, he doesn’t need to have his weapons actually stored in Iraq to have control over them. Our entire invasion (at a geo-political level) is on the assumption that not only does he have WMD (weapons of mass distraction… destruction, whatever) but that they’re located within the borders of Iraq.

Keeping them elsewhere (and the allies for Iraq are growing in count, not diminishing, largely thanks to us) makes sense both on the front of “The US won’t find any WMD during their war and they’ll be publically and permanently humiliated” and “The US can take over the Iraq country all they want – I’ll skip town and run my war from elsewhere”. You think he hasn’t learned lessons from bin Laden?


just heard on the radio that Curtis Hunter got fired as the A&T coach – dunno how many others of you knew him, most likely from S&M like me, but it’s kinda sad. Curtis was always fun to play pick-up games with in the gym on the weekend – I hope he gets picked up somewhere soon.


yesterday was mainly two things:

1) lots of chopping of dead trees with the father-in-law
2) getting to know Greg (Julie’s fiance) a lot better… and watching him make my mother-in-law snarf quite nicely! the cacke with M&M’s was very cute – i took a couple pics 🙂

I didn’t know Greg’s largely-vegetarian diet was not by his choice, but induced by GI tract problems he’s always had.

I didn’t know Greg had exercise-induced asthma, so the first 3 or 4 miles of the 7 miles he runs every day is painful. The first half-hour of the stairmaster, too, which is why he stays on it for over an hour – once he finally gets going, he figures he might as well enjoy it for awhile.

Didn’t know Greg is looking forward to Wilmington to compete in more triathalon’s so he can qualify for the Ironman in Hawaii. Since he’s got a very strong fear of flying, it gives you an idea how motivated he is 🙂

Crazy stuff. I’m happy for Julie and Greg – they’ll be great together 🙂


today’s target of pure hatred?

Intel Net Driver Version

Sorry, but I *like* it when my pcap library shows me outgoing packets – the TCP traces make a tad more sense that way 😛


Oh, unrelated note: Saw a red mustang with MTDEWGRL as the plate – nope, Kit wasn’t in car, but it reminded me to try out her mp3 stream 🙂 hehe