why am I the only one getting chills hearing INXS on a Chevy commercial?
I know, I know, no reason to toss on extra sanctity just because of the suicide.

But, still.



good night tonight…

  • stayed undefeated in ping-pong
  • watched NCSU come back from 24-0 to win their bowl game against Minnesota
  • beat my mother-in-law and her mother in Scrabble (quite the upset) 200-135-119


Today’s been fun so far

Lots more ping-pong on the horrible duplex ping-pong table… makes for some interesting rules modifications 🙂

Christmas happened again today when everyone opened up the remaining presents… mainly flamingoes, some as ornaments, some for the garden, etc… Carolyn got her wish for “one present at a time” since Jessica wasn’t here to override her, and it dragged on forever (ugh)… ah, well

Oh, and my mother-in-law said to post that we have red velvet cake from Betty Huss (sp?) with cream cheese icing and that Jess/Jill/Julie is supposed to drool over it and wish they were here (her call, not mine)… anyway

Lunch was mainly leftovers, but made for tasty sandwiches.

Jimmy got a glow-in-the-dark (battery powered) football so we’ll have to try that tonight… he also found the nearby tennis courts and basketball courts, so that’ll either be later today or tomorrow’s activity before the NCSU bowl game at 7 🙂

Natalie and I are watching “The Iron Giant” now while everyone else is split between naps and the beach 🙂 *yawn* Hopefully I’ll find something nicer than the erratic behavior of netzero soon… i’m having to do a little more last-minute research this week than I initially expected, and this crap DNS is making things horrible… maybe I should find a caching nameserver for 98… hrmmm

anyway, out for now 🙂


First night reporting from the beach house here at virginia beach 🙂

Nice place, had a good time throwing a baseball around with Jimmy and getting a chance to play a couple of games at the fairly broken ping-pong table (I won both, 21-10, 21-19, although it’s fun since Jimmy is definitely better than most of the competition at work)

I hate this 56k dialup though… I hate not having a fat enough pipe to do stuff i want (like, in this case, stream some of my mp3 collection from my home machine 🙂

if anyone already has a listing of “geek beach houses” where fast network connections are available, let me know.

Otherwise, I might have to make a couple myself and rent them out.
If nothing else, it sounded like rao didn’t want a thin pipe on his trip back from Cali over the holidays, when I heard him call while I was over at Drew’s place and hear that he’d be crashing with brian, hap, and their cable modem 🙂 heh

Oh, and this NetZero client has gotten more annoying than I thought they’d be willing to go (click on resume now or get disconnected in 30 seconds! and other crap like that if you don’t interact with their banners as they want you to)

In any case, I’ll probably finish up email soon, do a final cvs checkin of some experimental code, and head to sleep near the fiber-optic christmas tree here at the house… it’s fabulous! 🙂


Yes, everyone, Knuth blessed us with “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.”
But, no, that does not give you an excuse for designing a poor architecture!

While I like helping fix architecture designs that cause orders-of-magnitude performance problems (before they become problems :), I’m starting to realize I’ll have to move out of pure development and probably be 80% architecture. While I used to look forward to such a move, it pains me now that I’ve gotten such a nice plate of development tech (more EJB 2.0 experience including 1-N and N-M CMR’s and JMS-based MessageDrivenBean’s, JSP 1.2, JDBC 3.0 on some occasions, JUnitEE, etc) and tools to learn ahead of me… ugh.

I know, I know, worse problems in the world to have… 🙂


I just won one of the four categories in our “decorate your cube” contest…

“Most Hospitable to the Grinch”

Yes, my cardboard roof was a start… the styrofoam packing peanuts on top and
red tissue paper-wrapped packing box made for decent snow and a chimney, then my pseudo-artistic rendering of “Whoville Sucks” on my whiteboard completed it 🙂

Forgot what the prize is, but to celebrate the competition Rhonda gave me a little of her Southern Comfort egg nog… and it is strong stuff… tastes like creamy Listerine 🙂