anyone got recommendations for programmable thermostats? x10 controllable would be nice, but cheap’s more important 🙂



streams are fine until you get to a track like this and you can’t click “next track”. ah, well, time to skip to another stream i guess


anyone know a cvs loginfo thing that’ll unify patches to files in diff dirs into a single email?

I coulda sworn this one I lifted from apache’s CVSROOT did exactly that (the code and comments sound as much, at least) but sure enough I get X emails if the commits affects files in X diff dirs. Normally not to bad, but the latest changes I’m doing are all over the place, so my commits are averaging 6 or 7 emails each :-/

for the curious

so, my laptop used to be like 5 partitions for a 6GB drive – WinME was on there (came with the laptop), an old RHL beta and its swap partition, a couple useless data partitions, and a win2k partition.

Booting Win2K was MBR -> RHL grub -> WinME loader -> Win2K.

For various “right tool for the job” reasons, Win2K was to be all that remained. (ask about his eclipse-on-gtk experiences so far 🙂 So, partition magic wipes the others and resizes Win2K out to the drive. (Well, 147.6MB short for the suspend-to-disk area that’s currently the first 20 cylinders of the drive). I knew this was going to break booting, but I figured it’d be fun to see what steps were required to get it “back” from this state.

the short version:

– ntlldr,, and a *correct* boot.ini. This threw me a little since everything but partition was 0-based, and they had partition 1-based. I should have expected it, ya know?
– obscure bug prevents anyone from logging in due to hard-coded path to userinit.exe in the registry – connect remotely, remove to relative path, and you can login
– mass-export, search-and-replace, mass-import the registry – thousands of places had the drive letter in their path.
– fix up the 150 or so keys by hand that were opened at registry import time and regedit wouldn’t overwrite

The Microsoft knowledge base articles were actually pretty helpful along those lines, once I knew the right terms to search for. Thankfully, the laptop’s fine now, just the occasional shortcut link here and there I still need to fix up.


today’s portscan of interest is a real shocker – Korea

person:       SEOUNGYUN BANG
descr:        Hanseo University(HSU)
descr:        360, Daegok-ri, Haemi-myun, Seosan
descr:        CHUNGNAM
descr:        356-820
country:      KR
phone:        +82-43-60-1171
fax-no:       (0445) 60-1174

is it better to have an uneducated opinion or none at all?

wanna control obesity in Amerca? Outlaw food commercials on radio and TV. Seriously.

It was good enough for the evil-that-is-smoking (sarcasm, indeed) so what’s up?

Is the only lobby more powerful than the refined oil that powers my car the one that fries potatoes, I ask?

Course, there was some article in the paper on locally-created soybean oil with much better health characteristics, hmmm.

Maybe limitations on caloric density or some such.

Actually, nevermind, low-carb’ers would get offended by that (arguably rightfully so, but whatever).

Outlaw them all!

Ahem – we now return you to your fully upright and libertarian positions. I did *not* just ask for more government control in something. Nope. Didn’t happen. Lies! All lies!

mmm i’m a coffee-on-an-empty-stomach crackhead today, me thinks

first emails

whoa – just got an email from Danny Squires (Chad and Megan’s roommate, Chad’s co-worker too, Chad got him a job at Wachovia). My last visit there was a lot of time watching anime with Danny when Chad had to do house/yard stuff. It worked out great.

Chad’s not into anime, but Danny has a massive collection – very impressive, good stuff 🙂

This email is Danny thanking me for introducing him to Rurouni Kenshin, telling me how he’s picked up 3 or 4 DVD’s of Rurouni Kenshin stuff, and how he liked each and that we can check out the good ones when I next viist 🙂

Very nice 🙂