Ok, it’s November 1st, where’s the Octane?

So 12 days ago, OCZ announces their first Indilinx-based SSD since acquiring Indilinx earlier this year.


The OCZ Octane SSD Series will be available November 1st in models ranging from 128GB-1TB capacities throughout OCZ’s global channel.


The reaction of many, myself included, can best be represented by our dear friend SpongeBob:



Since today is The Day, I go to check OCZ’s 3 ‘premier resellers’, Amazon, newegg, and TigerDirect

The results?

Not on Amazon

Your search "ocz octane" did not match any products.

Not on newegg

We have found 0 items that match "ocz octane".

Not on TigerDirect

0 Results found for "ocz octane."


My reaction after these (and other) fruitless searches today?



12 thoughts on “Ok, it’s November 1st, where’s the Octane?

  1. I agree, I keep googling last 24 hours for “OCZ Octane” and I only find your blog :). Please take my $700 OCZ!!!

  2. Same here. As of 2:58pm PST, it seems this blog is the only thing on the internets concerned with the staus of the said promised 1TB SSD.

    • That really blows. Why did they say it would be out in 12 days when they first announced it, then? I wouldn’t think they’d make that sort of statement unless it was already manufactured, packaged, and sitting on a truck ready for distribution.

      • Agreed – if you’re doing the announcement for less than 2 weeks in the future, and then you silently miss that date, it would seem to indicate some massive flaw was found (for instance, data corruption, massive perf problems over time, whatever).

        *If* that is the case (and I’m not saying it is, just that it would seem to be the prevailing theory given no indication from them), then I’d recommend what Intel has learned over the years – own up to it, be transparent, and give sufficient details and new time tables.

        OCZ itself even did a decent job (albeit with Sandforce) just a couple weeks ago with the BSOD issue:


  3. …Or OCZ, if your not ready to take the money please give some samples to the reviewers so I can at least read about it!

  4. Where’s Waldo? I emailed two different people at the company today…no response. I called both sales and marketing departments…no one answered. The operator did answer and put me thru to an engineer who had no idea what I was asking about. He was kind enough to take my name and number and said he’d have the VP of Marketing return my call…LOL…I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    Besides an SSD being the last component I need for a new build I’m also interested in this from a share holders perspective. Really hoping the theory put forth above by manningj isn’t the case…what a huge FU that would be for OCZ.

  5. I asked the same question in their forums. Is this a paper launch designed to do nothing but rob other companies of sales during the crucial holiday shopping season?

    • “crucial holiday shopping season” …too funny as a Crucial SSD is exactly what I’ll be buying next week if OCZ hasn’t provided any more information on the Octane SSD.

  6. Same waiting here. With zero comms and Crucial M4 256GB hitting $349 at Amazon with FS, no more waiting…

  7. Yeah…….. me too. Ive been waiting on the Nov 1st date for a couple of weeks. Very Disappointed they didnt keep the promised date and I dont like like waiting only to be let down without an explanation. How do we know they will even be available in 2 months…….. Im through waiting and going with the M4

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